Freshman Friday – Emily Lassiter

Emily when she was at the Winter Formal.

Image by Tara Phapornchai

Emily when she was at the Winter Formal.

Emily Lassiter, a determined, hard working, and straightforward ninth grader here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy. She is currently not in any clubs, although next year she plans to join some, finding them really enjoyable and fun.

Despite not being in any clubs currently, Emily Lassityer has been doing sports outside of school. When asked what sports does she do outside of school, Emilly replied with,

“I do swimming as my sport for the weekdays and sometimes I do boxing but do not have much time for it.”

Emily at the Winter formal- in the green dress-
Emily Lassiter at the Winter formal wearing the green dress. Photographer is Dyemonneek Mondragon

Emily does swimming at Citrus College and she does her boxing at Esther Snyder Community Center. So far she has been boxing for about two years now. She also has been swimming for a year now with one of her close friends, Tara Phapornchai.

When she was asked if she sees herself continuing these sports in the future, Emily replied with, “Yes, I see myself continuing swimming for the rest of my high school years”. While she does enjoy boxing she does not really see herself continuing this sport in the near future.

Emily is very happy about being here at MECA and is ready for what this school has to offer. She is ready to take on some college classes next year as a sophomore. She is also excited to be continuing swimming and enjoying this sport very much.