Freshman Friday- Mia Romo


Image by Autumn Pagan

Freshman Mia Romo with her diamond painting of Jack Skellington.

Mt. SAC Early College Academy freshman Mia Romo is a part of the Yearbook team and loves to take part in the variety of hobbies that she enjoys.

Yearbook is run by Courtney Bell, who also teaches English 1 and Journalism. In the class, students are a part of teams, where they each contribute to making the yearbook. Some may conduct interviews, write about certain topics, and even take pictures.

“I’m on the copy team, which basically means I write the text for whatever spreads my team is assigned on” Mia explains. “I interview different people based on what I’m writing about, and go from there.”

Before coming to MECA, Mia wanted to be a part of the Yearbook team in middle school, although to her disappointment, she didn’t get into the class.

“I tried to join every year,” Mia said. “[M]e being part of it [now] is a giant relief and I’m planning on taking it next year as well.”

Outside of school, Mia loves to create diamond paintings. Similar to a paint by number, you add tiny diamonds of different shapes and colors to the canvas.

“Currently, I have [three] finished and one in progress” Mia described. “All the ones I’ve finished so far have been Disney themed, but now I’m gonna do some anime ones.”

The three diamond paintings she has created so far have been of Jack Skellington, Stitch, and the Cheshire Cat, with her favorite being Jack Skellington.

Mia also likes to play video games with her friends, whether it is Minecraft, Roblox, or Valorant. On Roblox, she mostly just sticks to playing either of her two favorite games. On Minecraft, what she plays depends on what she is in the mood for.

Out of all the days in Yearbook, Mia says her favorite days are when Ms. Bell makes hot cocoa, the perfect pair to a cold rainy day.

“Ms. Bell makes the [best] hot cocoa and I love how chaotic it is while she’s making it” Mia says.