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Caption This – May 2019

Journalism Team

May 21, 2019

Originally Published May 21 2019   After a careful vote by the Journalism Team, Jorge has been decided the winner, with a total of 2 votes to his name. The runner-up, Matthew Tseng, had the majority vote after the winner had been chosen. ...

Liquid Gold

Daniela Arreola, Maureen Smith, and Isaiah Rodriguez

March 15, 2019

Working through this lonely streak, I’ve hit my peak, it’s time to cheat Chilly breeze combing through my hair, yearning for something to love and care. Filling my veins with liquid gold, hopefully it’ll warm...

Potato Hustler

Maureen Smith

March 15, 2019

Money was nothing in their colony. The dimes and nickles were like toys, and the dollar bills were just green paper. The only thing of real value were potatoes. The brown, dirt covered spuds were priceless due to the raging famine...

Rest Your Sleepy Head

Maureen Smith

December 13, 2018

A creative column entry by Maureen Smith As you tuck into bed, rest your sleepy head. Your toasty cookies set out as a free handout. However before you doze, take heed to this idea I propose. You think you know who is...

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