Freshman Friday- Steven Narido


Image by Hazel Rodriguez

Steven Narido here at MECA.

Freshman Steven Narido here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy. Already knowing some people here Steven is liking this school’s opportunity of earning college credits and is ready for next year sophomore year.

He is already planning on taking some college classes MECA offers, and he is also glad about the ability to earn your associate degree early and is ready to use this amazing opportunity.

Currently in the Pokémon Go club, held in room six by Art teacher Mr. Barriga. When asked if Steven was interested in joining any more clubs in his future years he replied with, “Yeah I might join more clubs next year”.

A Picture of Steven Narido’s pets

Steven also has other things going on outside of school for example Taekwondo. He has been doing Taekwondo for nine years already – doing it since he was only five years old. He is also doing really well in taekwondo stating, “I am a third degree black belt and then I used to play football, basketball, and soccer”.

Steven Narido also has many pets including a dog, cat, and two lizards. He already has his lizards for three years and recently got his dog and cat about two months ago.

Liking this school a lot Steven is ready for the future years here at MECA and is excited for all the opportunity this school has to offer!