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Hurricane Dorian: Tragedy in the Bahamas

Nikolas Caston, Sophia Goreen, and Lauren Pate

October 2, 2019

Previously Published October 2 2019 Hurricane Dorian, one of the most dangerous hurricanes on scale, has recently torn through the once peaceful Bahamas, destroying homes and lives, but recovery can be found through the help...

What is Up with Antonio Brown?

Jonathan Guerrero, Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

Ex-Stealers, -Raiders, and now-Patriots wide-receiver Antonio Brown was just released last Monday by the Patriots, vows to never play again in the NFL. On September 22, Ex-wide-receiver Antonio Brown woke up that morning...

Two students demonstrating Naruto running, from the popular Anime series Naruto. According to the Facebook Event,

Area 51: No Aliens Here

October 2, 2019

To Infinity and Beyond: U.S. Space Command is open, but no Space Force yet

Kailie Gomez and Samantha Ordaz

October 2, 2019

Previously Published October 2 2019 President Donald Trump wants to implement a space command based in Colorado or California so the United States can play a role in space, arguing that it is a good plan for national security. This would be the first ...

Fire Continues to Destroy the Amazon Rainforest

Jacob Nunez and Sergio E. Sanchez

October 2, 2019

The Amazon fire is causing significant damage to the natural world due to human interference and hot climate; some of the land is now lost because of this occurrence which started around August 15th and has affected many of ...

Tokyo Hosts 2020 Olympics

Lauren Pate, Hannah Ramirez, and Sergio E. Sanchez

October 2, 2019

Previously Published October 2 2019 The 2020 Olympics is coming this summer to Tokyo, Japan, and will have many events ranging from boxing to rugby.                 ...

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