TikTok Trends of 2020

TikTok Trends of 2020

Even though Covid-19 made 2020 (and now 2021) feel dreadful and exhausting, and it’s taken away most of the fun activities that everyone would like to do, that didn’t mean it would take away all the fun and excitement. Recently TikTok has had a huge glow up (popularity increase) mostly due to the pandemic. TikTok, the famous app where people can create short videos using other people’s audio tracks, has been super popular during the 2020-2021 COVID pandemic. But what are the best trends of TikTok during COVID? Many people have even created “trends” which is when a creator makes a funny or cool video with an interesting audio and others get to use that audio to create their own type of video; it’s like mimicking, but it’s not offensive. Since 2021 just started, why not go back in time and look at all the best trends of 2020. So here are the top 10 trends of 2020.

Starting out at #10 is called #MedievalTikTok. It’s basically a medieval version of Shakira’s seminal hit “Hips don’t Lie”. #MedievalTikTok has over 10 million views to its name, and many other creators also use the hashtag to pretend to be peasants and nobles like from the medieval ages. This comes in at #10 because even though it has over 10 million views, it still doesn’t really compare to other huge trends that also have millions of views. Yes, some trends may have more views than others but that doesn’t mean that the lower viewed trends can’t be better than trends that do have more views because of “popularity increases”, these happen all the time and it is what makes the trend constant.

At the #9 spot is the Time Warp Scan feature. This feature freezes an image in place as a blue line crosses the screen. Essentially, creators use this feature to create optical illusions, pretend to be angels, prove how smoothly and quickly they can wink, make themselves look like goblins, make themselves look like worms and so many other possibilities. This is a very fun feature that is very satisfying to use, the hashtag #timewarpscan has over 14.3 billion views to date.

Coming up at #8 is Curtis Roach’s “Bored in the House” trend. The video itself has over 4.8 million views to date and the hashtag #boredinthehouse has approximately 4.8 billion views. Since everyone has been stuck in quarantine for months the trend has become a quarantine anthem for everyone.

At #7 we have the “I am Lost” trend. It’s based around the song “In This Shirt” by a band called “The Irrepressibles” and the creators focused it more around the part of the song where it talks about them have being lost mentally and using that sound to make objects look lost forever like a handball being stuck in the gym ceiling for all eternity. The hashtag #iamlost has approximately over 4.1 billion views and has been used by many creators to make funny videos for their audience.

Next up at #6 is the “Don’tLeaveMe” trend. Now the trend and hashtag #don’tleavemechalleneg has over 6.1 billion views and is all about making cringey physical puns. After the jokester says a literal pun joke they run away and followers chase the person while screaming “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me”! Sometimes with a high pitched voice it’s hilarious. It’s some of the funniest physical and punny jokes on TikTok and many videos have been made using the hashtag and have thrilled the minds of millions or even billions of people.

Up next is #5 and it’s the “Random Things” trend. This trend was popularized by a creator named @her.atlas’and her “random things in my Japanese home that just make sense” video series. It allows people to show off any cool and wacky things in their household that you don’t normally see in a normal or regular household, like an example of something wacky would be owning two fridges, how about that. The trend is tons of fun and has been by millions of people. The hashtag #RandomThings approximately has 6.4 billion views.

At #4 we have the “HurtMyFeelings” trend. This trend uses an old classic 2010s hit called “Bulletproof” and the trend is mainly used to share past hardships or struggles they went through after enduring that struggle that one may think would make them “bulletproof”. Since this trend can be somewhat of a “fun” way to express your emotions, it’s the reason why it’s used by so many people. The hashtag #HurtMyFeelings has over 4 million views to date. Now yes as of today there might be more popular trends to check and try out but this trend became popular because in 2020 many people didn’t really have the choice to go outdoors, so this trends is what kept some people busy during the early days of the pandemic, this is the reason why the “HurtMyFeelings” trend is at #4.

We are now in the top three TikTok trends, and coming up at #3 is the “Two pretty best friends” trend. This trend and meme was created by 24-year-old Jordan Scott and was first introduced when he told the website “Insider” that his claim was based on real life and that there is always one pretty and one ugly best friend. After he posted the original video on his page, it became an instant hit and is now used to make hilarious and bait-type videos. It became a hit because many people really wanted to see if he was right and made videos mimicking the video with their best friends.

Now, at #2 is the “Blinding Lights Dance Challenge”. This challenge is played by a chart-topping hit, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. This challenge brought family and friends and other groups of people closer together in the name dance and the song “Blinding Lights” isn’t just used for dancing on TikTok, but also to make montages and funny videos alike. The hashtag #blindinglights has approximately 3.5 billion views.

Finally, the #1 most used and/or most viewed trend of 2020 is, the “YouHaveto ‘start romanticizing your life…” trend. In this trend creators have a chance of being more social and talking more social things about how they need to start doing something with themselves or start romanticizing your life. This trend had become a hit when Dr. Phil himself used the trend to send a message to his viewers. The trend currently has over millions or billions of views, it’s quite unsure how many views this trend has since it’s used so many times and is still used to this day, but it’s most likely more than ten million.

Now after looking at the top 10 best trends of 2020, which one was your favorite and why? Now even though these are some of the most popular trends, there are still hundreds or even thousands of new, old and cool trends to check out or just some normal funny, cringey videos, anything can happen in the world of TikTok. All it takes is some good editing skills, cool features and whatever your mind can come up with.