1989 (Taylors Version) is one of Taylors most popular albums and features iconic songs such as Shake It Off and Blank Space.
1989 (Taylor’s Version) is one of Taylor’s most popular albums and features iconic songs such as “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.”
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1989 (Taylor’s Version) Review

On October 27, 2014, Taylor Swift released 1989. This album instantly became one of her most popular albums and features iconic songs that I guarantee you’ve heard of even if you are not a huge Taylor fan. Nine years later, Taylor re-released 1989, reclaiming it as her own and storing it with the rest of the Taylor’s Version albums, leaving the only stolen versions as Taylor Swift (Debut) and Reputation.  

What Is Taylor’s Version?

Taylor’s Version (TV) is the re-recording of Taylor’s old albums Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989. Although she wrote all of the songs and albums herself, Scooter Braun, the owner of the record label she signed with, sold all of her albums without her permission. 

Taylor was able to find a loophole where she was able to take back her songs through re-recording them. When she re-records an album, it means that she officially owns it. 

1989 is definitely one of Taylor’s best selling albums and arguably has some of her best songs. However, while everyone was excited for the re-recordings of their favorite songs, Swifties couldn’t wait to hear the five new Vault Tracks that Taylor had in store for us.

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Song Reviews

Welcome To New York

Vocally, this track sounded very similar to 1989 (stolen version). The graphics and visuals are very accurate when it comes to capturing the essence of this wonderful track. It is also still the perfect introduction for Taylor´s first pop album. The lyrics are almost like a welcome not only to New York but to this amazing album as well. “It’s a new soundtrack” that gets everyone dancing to the beat, ready for what is to come with the rest of the re-records and vault tracks.

With every Taylor Swift package, you get tons of confetti stars. Since right now she is promoting 1989, all of the stars are bright blue, but the stars come in various other colors depending on what she is promoting. (Image by Bella Tavera-Gonzalez)

Blank Space 

Although ¨Welcome to New York¨ had very similar vocals to the original I cannot say the same for this track. I feel this especially when she says “and you love the game.” This song almost is like Taylor was deliberately trying to sound more mature. Overall, the vocals sound more like a cover rather than a re-record. Visuals are, however, a different story. It feels like this lyric video could have been published on the original album. The summer, seagull, and pop vibe are still present and accurate when it comes to representing the original piece. 

Due to her maturing, and gaining even more experience with singing, I feel this caused her to pronounce her lyrics extremely well and polished. Although this is excellent for new music it isn’t exactly the same for a re-recording, especially since we no longer hear “Starbucks lover” instead of “long list of ex-lovers.” Although the classic mix-up will be dearly missed, fans are still very happy with how this track turned out!  


Being the third single and one of the most streamed songs from 1989, fans had high hopes for this particular track. Some even accepted a Harry Style feature. Although that didn’t happen. However, Taylor did not surpass the fan’s expectations! When comparing the original to Taylor’s Version the vocals almost sound identical. However, unlike the original Taylor’s voice seems to sound more smooth, and mellow than before. She also made the beat lower to suit the change in her voice since nine years ago. Personally, I believe Style (Taylor’s Version) would’ve been even better if Taylor added more depth and power in her voice. 

Out of the Woods

Thank god that Harry Styles doesn’t know how to drive, otherwise who knows if we would have gotten this iconic song. “Out of the Woods” has always been an absolute fan favorite. However, her voice sounds way different from the stolen version, and I feel like it isn’t as powerful. Not to say that this song isn’t amazing, it absolutely is, and it is still one of the best Taylor Swift songs, I just think that fans miss the nostalgia that her voice gave to the songs back when it was higher.

All You Had To Do Was Stay

Vocally, “All You Had To Do Was Stay” still remains very similar to the original. Personally, this isn’t my (Gia’s) favorite track on 1989 or 1989 TV. Although it is a good decent song I feel like the rest are better lyric-wise. 

Visually Taylor delivered a pretty scene to go along with her lyrics. The main focus is her electric blue eyes. When the chorus occurs we get a change of visuals. Traveling into her eyes we see a blue galaxy. With a variety of shades of blue. Overall it is a good song, however it is just not my favorite.

Shake It Off

Highly anticipated “Shake It Off” is one of Taylor’s most streamed songs! However, with great power comes great responsibility. Thus Taylor was left with high expectations. 

I can happily report that Taylor definitely succeeded in replicating that pop dance party vibe with this song again! Although this track does sound a little different with word pronunciation, the pace and visuals completely make up for it. The iconic lyric that has been screamed in many stadiums still remains better than I thought. With the past tracks having a sort of different pronunciation in words I expected the same for “Shake It Off”. I’m very happy to report that this wasn’t the case.  “Hey, Hey, Hey just think while you’ve been..” immediately caught my attention because of how she kept that edginess to her voice. This continued all the way through, and made me want to get up and dance!

The lyric video gives off an 80s sort of feel. With flashes of diverse shapes, colors, fonts, lights, etc. Overall I can say I’m thrilled with this re-recorded track!

I Wish You Would

I came into listening to this song with high expectations and very much excitement. The edge in Taylor’s voice, her emotions, the intense instrumentals, and the beats were all my favorite things in “I Wish You Would”. I was very impressed to see how she perfectly implied that in this song the second time. 

There was no sense of change in her pronunciation. Which was my favorite part. The intensity of emotion you can detect in Taylor’s voice captures the listener all the way through the song! 

Bad Blood

Bad Blood is a classic worldwide favorite. However, can this newly re-recorded version live up to the hype? YES! Its instrumentals sound lively and even more intriguing. Not only that but the vocals are spectacular! Her voice sounds very similar to the original; however, they have become more powerful, and vigorous when singing on this track.

And of course, no one could ever forget the classic Kendrick Lamar version, especially when fans would sing his iconic “You forgive, you forget, but you never let it go” at the Eras Tour. Every fan is thanking Taylor immensely for bringing Kendrick Lamar back into the recording studio to re-record his verses. I don’t think any fan could live without this song.

Wildest Dreams

The fact that the introduction to this beautiful tragic love song is Taylor’s own heartbeat just makes it even better. “Wildest Dreams” has always been more than a fan favorite, but a song known worldwide.  

Pronunciation is exactly how it was eight years ago. There isn’t one line or word I could detect that sounded even remotely different from the original. Overall This is one of my favorite tracks. Mainly because it sounds so much like the original, and because of the outstanding visuals. 

How You Get The Girl

Surprisingly “How You Get The Girl” is extremely similar to the stolen version. Taylor managed to pronounce her words identically. I sensed no sort of mellow tone in her voice throughout the whole majority of the song. It still contained its cute upbeat vibe which is one of my favorite parts of the song. 

The lyric video was decent. It was just shots of New York with flashes of electric blue. Although I wouldn’t consider it bad I believe Taylor could have made it a little more interesting. However, I think this was overall a good song. It wasn’t my favorite but it isn’t my least favorite either. 

Although the old 1989 Polaroid cover will be missed, the new cover highlights Taylor’s beautiful smile! (Image by Annika Wotherspoon)

This Love

This love was a perfect representation of summer love. It was even featured in “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, a show about a love story taking place in summer. 

It is one of my absolute favorites on the album. It just sounds so dreamy and heartfelt. I don’t care what anyone says, the re-recorded version is 1000x better than the stolen version.

I Know Places

“I Know Places” definitely takes the win for best re-record in my (Autumn’s) book. The vocals, the beat, it is absolutely amazing. And it’s not because I am biased since I was one of the first to hear it as Taylor’s Version at the Eras Tour. “I Know Places” has always been one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs. I remember listening to it on my 1989 CD in the car and singing along to the lyrics. And the fact that she kept the rasp in her voice when she screamed “And we run” is just the cherry on top to the whole re-record.


10 years older we get the re-record of one of Taylor’s absolute best songs. Clean is hands down almost everyone’s favorite Taylor Swift song. The song is even more “Clean” than it was in the stolen version, especially with Taylor’s voice.  I could go on about this song “forever and ever,” but I’ll save everyone the time. 


Even before TV, “Wonderland” just never spoke to me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great song, but it just isn’t my favorite. It is not as relatable as some of the other 1989 songs. This is another one of her songs where I miss her old voice. However, just like all of Taylor’s songs, the bridge is the best part. 

You Are In Love

You Are In Love contains deep meaning, detailed lyrics, beautiful visuals, and overall a brilliant song. Immediately I noticed the practically identical vocals. 

The amazing representation of what the song feels like is perfectly captured through the lyric video. Further showing Taylor’s astonishing intelligence, is the way Taylor tells stories through her videos whether they be a music video or even just a lyric video. 

New Romantics

This song is a really good example of how Taylor is changing some of her old songs in the re-records. Because it has been 9 years since 1989, her voice is a lot deeper, and we especially see this in the beginning of the song. She changes the key of the song to suit her voice now that it is so much deeper. I absolutely love the song, but I can see why people don’t like the change so much since it looses some of that nostalgia.

Vault Tracks:


Before 1989 TV was released, many people believed “S—!” would be a pop song. Surprisingly, it’s a low-tempo song. The beat and vocals make it sound majestic and dreamy while still conveying an important message on how women are treated so differently than men in terms of relationships. 

 She is called a “s—”  for dating Harry Styles while he doesn’t receive any hate. It shows the double standards in today’s society, even worse being 10 years ago. 

Say Don’t Go

“[F]rom the very start,” “Say Don’t Go” gives off major “Clean” vibes with the beat of the song. It is a song where you can cry and scream your guts out in the span of 4 minutes and 39 seconds. It is a roller coaster of emotions, but I’m happy to go on the ride. 

1989 (Taylor’s Version) Vinyl’s and CD’s are sold in various colors. This is the Aquamarine Green version, but they also have the classic blue, Rose Garden Pink, Sunrise Boulevard Yellow, and Tangerine, which is the only version that includes “Sweeter Than Fiction (Taylor’s Version)!” (Image by Bella Tavera-Gonzalez)

Now That We Don’t Talk

Have you ever experienced a bad friendship/relationship? If you have, then this song is definitely for you. It speaks directly to those who have ever been in a one-sided relationship; you give them everything for them to give you nothing in return. It is honestly one of the most relatable songs on the entire album. 

Suburban Legends

Amazingly instructed is all I have to say about this track. From the very first listen it was almost like the lyrics take you somewhere else. Her voice sounds smooth like butter yet powerful at the same time. I have no complaints about this song! Other than the fact that it doesn’t have a music video yet! 

Is It Over Now?

Wow, this song is so good and catchy. I especially love her lyrics. In particular when she says how he will replace her with someone just like her. Not to mention the chorus is insanely catchy, and will definitely be on replay in the back of our minds. This is definitely my (Gia’s) Favorite vault track. Mainly because I haven’t heard a Taylor song with lyrics like these especially when combined with her powerful voice.  

Sweeter Than Fiction

“Sweeter Than Fiction” is a cute upbeat love song. Although it isn’t my favorite Taylor song, it still is good. Compared to the stolen version Taylor’s voice does sound deeper and smoother. However, that is to be accepted with at least a couple of her songs. This was a cute and fun track! 

Overall, 1989 TV still remains a superior album. Although I would have to argue that Red Vault Tracks remain supreme, 1989 Vault Tracks are a close second.  If you’re in the mood to dance, cry, and sing your guts out, 1989 TV is definitely the album for you.

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