Mt. SAC ECA Meets Masquerade Ball


As the Prom Royalties are announced, senior Angel Mancinas is shocked as her name is called out.

Story by Tara Phapornchai and Victoria Romero

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  • Seniors Jayden Nguyen and Prom Royalty Angel Mancinas sharing a dance with each other.

  • Seniors Mya Hoil and Gergard Lopez swaying to the music

  • Seniors Angel Mancinas, Natalie Berganzo, and junior Miracle Sanchez-Avila enjoying the music

  • Juniors Mandy Rivera and Isaac Barragan sharing a cute moment together.

  • Seniors and juniors found out how low can you go during the song Cha Cha Slide.

  • Senior Angel Macinas jumping for joy as she was announced as Prom Royalty.

  • Seniors Angel Mancinas, Brittany Ruvalcaba, Jessica Sanabria, and Cassandra Meza stand on the stage as the Prom Royalties are announced.

  • Prom Royalties Angel Mancinas and Brittany Ruvalcaba being crowned by Ms. Wilcox.

  • Seniors Brittany Ruvalcaba and Annette Tucker dancing alongside each other for the Prom Royalty slow dance.

  • Prom Royalties dancing with their dates and friends for the slow dance.

  • Seniors Triana Limon, Claire Sung, Brittany Ruvalcaba, and Annette Tucker posing for a selfie.

  • Seniors Marcus Minor and Alanis Guzman slaying on the dance floor.

  • Junior Mandy Rivera boogying it down on the dancefloor with their friends.

  • Seniors Gerhard Lopez, Mya Hoil, Michaela Chung, and Asrar Mohamed. killing it on the dance floor

  • Senior Annie Tran dancing alongside their friends.

  • Junior Miracle Sanchez-Avila dancing and having the time of her life.

  • Juniors Maxwell Painter and Amalie Esparaza conversating as they watch their peers dance.

  • Miabella Velasco, Jeffrey Jenkins, Viridiana Trujillo laugh with friends during one of their last high school events as seniors.

  • Gloria Amador, Jonathan Rivera, Clyde

  • Junior Mandy Rivera goes low with fellow prom-goers.

  • Juniors and seniors dancing alongside each other as the music plays loudly on the speakers.

  • Seniors Paulina Davalos and Isabel Enciso posing for a photo to celebrate the end of their high school career.

  • Seniors Nathan Alquicira and Tyler Nunez having a great time on the dance floor

  • Senior Isabel Enciso shows off her dancing skills in the dance circle.

  • Seniors Triana Limon, Lauren Pate, Dyanna Gracia, and Samantha Ordaz; sophomore Jensen Barrett and Jackson Barrett; and junior Gracie Padilla.

  • Prom Royalty Brittany Ruvalcaba spending time on the dance floor with friends

  • Prom Royalty Brittany Ruvalcaba and Anette Tucker having fun on the dance floor

  • Junior Amy Angel Martinez and senior Natalie Berganza Rodriquez getting ready to pose for the Glam Cam.

  • Junior Jared Ramirez grabbing a plate of food as the party continues in the background.

  • Seniors Maya Quintero and Lynette Vasquez sharing a slow dance.

  • Juniors Jared Ramirez and Anabel Martinez sharing a cute moment together

  • Seniors Mya Hoil, Marcus Minor and Gerhard Lopez joining the fun on the dance floor

  • Armie Mikaela Hermogeno spending time with friends on the dance floor

  • Francine Callanta, Michaela Chang, Marcus Minor and Armie Mikaela posing for a cute photo

  • Seniors Mya Hoil, Gerhard Lopez, Michaela Chung and Asrar Mohamed spending time on the dance floor24

  • Stephanie Balanzar, Abby Vargas, and Eliza Vasquez entering and ready for prom

  • Viridiana Trujillo entering the prom looking amazing

  • Seniors Nicholas Galicia and Paulina Davalos Posing for a photo together

  • Marcus Minor sharing a moment on the dance floor with friends

  • Seniors Jeanette Tunker, Louis Perez, Aemie Mikaela Hermogeno, and Francine Callanta cheering for their prom court

  • Cassie Meza and Javier Camacho sharing a moment together on the dance floor

  • All the couples and friends slow dancing together

  • Mandy Rivera, Anabel Martinez, Jared Ramirez, Samuel Castillo, Arielle Marie Fabros, and Vivianne Alquicira smiling and having fun together

  • Hannah Ramirez dancing and looking up at Antonio Orduno

  • Seniors Annette Tucker and Alanis Guzman sing along to a banger on the dance floor.

  • Seniors Nicholas Galicia and Jaden Nguyen looking fly at the dance

  • Mandy Rivera and Issac Barragan having fun together

  • Juniors Vivianne Alquicira, Laura Padilla, Arielle Marie Fabros, Damian Cevallos, and James Vega posing for a picture

  • Michaela Chung dancing and having fun

  • Junior Gloria Amador and senior Lauren Pate having the time of their lives.

  • Justin Luke Mayoralgo, Nicole Li,