Winter Formal Gallery


Image by Jared Jimenez

Story by Jared Jimenez, Staff Reporter

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  • Freshmen Katelynn Lee, Kayla Iniguez, Alyna Ruiz, and Jayden Trejo getting their photo booth picture taken. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Sophomore Arianne Avila, Juniors Vanessa Ramos & Giovanna Lopez, and Sophomores Annika Wotherspoon and Julia Pollard Spider-posing! (Photo taken by: Jared Jimenez.)

  • Freshman Hazel Rodriguez and Sophomore Kevin Mayorga dancing with each other. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Freshman Lauryn Marin and Sophomores Ariana Parra, Sophie Moreno, and Adela Angull posing for a group photo. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Winter Formal guests dancing. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Winter formal guests including Sophomores Karen Sanchez and Sam Ordanes mingling. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • TIMBER! Freshman Thearose Garcia and an unknown guest playing Jenga! (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Juniors Annalise Navarro, Rodney Campbell III, and Haylei Liev having their photoshoot. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Freshmen Sofia Hernandez and Melanie Lopez playing Connect 6. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Freshmen Tara Phapornchai, Melanie Lopez, and Junior Giovanna Lopez entering the Winter Formal Dance. (Photo taken by: Jared Jimenez.)

  • Shot of the Winter Formal Dance Hall entrance. (Photo taken by: Jared Jimenez.)

  • Lauren Yao and Freshmen Katelynn Lee and Kayla Iniguez taking a selfie together. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Juniors Dylan Horowitz, Gunnar, Matthew DIaz, and Aidan Cerna Cortez posing for a photoshoot. (Photo taken by: Jared Jimenez.)

  • Freshmen Emily Lasseter, Alyna Ruiz, and GeeGee Mondragon posing for a photobooth. (Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)

  • Freshmen Natalie Alvarez and GeeGee dancing with each other,(Photo taken by: Ava Roman.)