National Book Month

The official poster for National Book Month.

The official poster for National Book Month.

National Book Month is an unofficial month-long event held every October in celebration of literature. It starts on October 1st and ends on November 1st of every year. The National Book Foundation is responsible for this event and presents the National Book awards in November, which is scheduled shortly after National Book Month.

National Book Month aims to captivate readers in literature, introduce them to new genres and most importantly encourage new and current readers to read by celebrating literature and its best authors.

The National Book Foundation’s mission “is to celebrate the best literature in America, expand its audience, and ensure that books have a prominent place in American culture.”

Freshmen Dominic Maldonado and Derek Mendoza relax and read in their independent time. (Image by Ms. Bell)

The activities centered around this event are all about reading, meaning that activities such as book exchanges and writing a book review are a part of the celebration of National Book Month.

“Incorporating reading into my teaching blocks, into my classes, is so important to me since I think it sends the message to students that reading is important,” said 10th and 11th grade English teacher and former Book Club advisor Mrs. Berrong.

Mrs. Berrong’s English III juniors Joseph Jaime and Mia Bella Velasco start their class with reading. (Image by Maxwell Painter)

The origins of this event are fairly recent, with the first National Book Month starting in 2003, and it has been an annual event ever since.

“If we can have a period of time during the year that’s designated as a reminder for people to read more often, that’s terrific,” explained Mrs. Berrong.