Creative Ceramic Creations (2/9/2023)


Image by Macke

With so many beautiful artists from the ceramics and art classes, it’s always hard to choose which pieces to showcase!

Story by Mackenzie Diaz, Staff Photographer

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  • Ceramic gingerbread house by Oliver McDonald

  • Ceramic cup by Unknown

  • Ceramic jar by Damian Cervallos

  • Ceramic dish by Jeff Jenkins

  • Ceramic cup by Leilani Rivas

  • Ceramic dish by James Vega

  • Ceramic cup by Unknown

  • Ceramic mug by Unknown

  • Ceramic cup by Celeste Ochoa

  • Ceramic tile by Emma Hernandez

[If a piece is yours (whether marked Unknown or with the wrong name) contact [email protected] to have it changed. You deserve recognition for your work!]