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Freshman Friday | Angelo Karsouny

 Son, friend, boxer, member of the Helping Hand club, and proud student of Mt. SAC ECA, Angelo Karsouny, a freshman student, born here in Glendora, California.

Angelo joined the helping hand club because he hates seeing so many homeless people out in the world and he wishes he could help them out.

 “I’d say I’m a funny, reckless guy,” he said. “I like to do a lot of things outside of school.”

When he’s not at school, he goes to boxing practice from 6-9, plays basketball, plays Valorant Warzone, a ton of car games, listens to music, feeds his fish (Blue) and completes his school work.

“My strengths are probably like math and numbers […} and like fighting with my hands,” he said. “I suck at handwriting though, if you see it, you might think it’s a third grader’s or something.”

Angelo can speak both Arabic and Spanish along with English. He learned Spanish from his Mother, and Arabic from his Father.

“He’s a good student, very sociable,” said teacher Ms. Banh. “He seems to get along with everyone and I enjoy having him in my class.”

“He’s a trustworthy friend plus a funny person,” said freshman Jocelyn Flores. “He makes me laugh when I need it. We met in art class and during The 70s Dance and became great friends after that”

“He’s a great, fun, outgoing, friendly person,” said freshman, Brian Thomas. “He is always joking around, messing with you, but in a playful way, and I like how optimistic he is.”

 He said one of his pet peeves would be that hates how people munch really loudly with their mouth open and when people interrupt during a movie.

His Favorite memory was when his family was celebrating his birthday and started eating a lot of food such as cake, cupcakes, burgers, etc, “like so much junk food,” he said. “I think I gained 5 pounds that week, but it was so worth it.” 

 On his 10th birthday, he rode down a very steep hill with his scooter, but ended up falling, breaking his wrists while his friends watched and burst into laughter “It was very embarrassing,” he said “but funny.”

Angelo’s favorite year was 2016 “…the music was nice, people were more friendly,” he said, “and conversation flowed better for some reason and school was stress free”. He’d always used to hangout with his friends, and play games.

When he goes to Lebanon, Angelo’s dad would take him to where he grew up. He loves seeing how they lived and their culture. Then they would visit Venezuela to see how his mom lived.  The weather and the trees were stunning to him. 

Florida was his favorite vacation because the weather wasn’t too bad and he liked the beaches and the water. While it was hot, he and his parents would go swimming a lot and then go out to eat good food. 

The person he looks up to the most would be his dad. “My hero is my dad because he pushed me alot when I was younger, and I think he kept me in shape, and helped me become who I am today.”

 As for future goals, he said that as long as his future job pays well, and is fitting to support a family, he’ll be happy with it and satisfied.

Even though some might say he’s one of the most outgoing freshmen, Angelo just wants to succeed in life “to be successful enough to support my family in the future” because as he says, “they helped a lot when I was younger.”


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