Quarantine Halloween: What Can You Do?


The spookiest time of the year is coming up, and people of all ages are preparing and finding ways to keep safe while having fun and abiding by LA’s restrictions. But, of course, it’s not as if the holiday is canceled. And this isn’t just an issue in Los Angeles. Even well-known amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm are restricting their famous events. The question is, what Halloween activities are prohibited, and which are just not recommended by county health officials? What can we do instead? After some research, here is what we have found.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has banned certain Halloween activities to “minimize contact with non-household members”. They have also listed alternative activities that aren’t prohibited but instead, ill-advised. To start, gatherings with people you aren’t living with are not allowed even if held outdoors. Activities they don’t recommend are trick or treating as well as trunk or treating because of close contact crowds and food sharing.

Not everyone lives in Los Angeles, though. Places like San Bernardino County currently have no restrictions, but some cities have created their own restrictions. There is a chance that other counties will do the same as LA and prohibit certain activities. As for Orange County, trick or treating is banned in addition to other public events.

These days it’s been proven difficult to celebrate during the holidays but hopefully, our Mt. SAC ECA community can find alternative ways to be entertained. With all these restrictions and safety cautions, it may be difficult to find ways to stay safe and still celebrate the holiday, but using a little creativity, one can discover many ways to do so.

If you still want to see your friends, consider an online get together. Maybe have a contest or download an extension to stream a movie. Angelica Martinez, ASB President of MECA stated, “This year’s Halloween, I am hoping to stay home and watch some Halloween movies with my family.” If you’re dying to see each other in person, you can eat out at a Halloween themed restaurant or go to a drive-in event. If you want to have some fun during the spooky season, join the “Contactless Halloween Scavenger Hunt Activity” where people who complete it will have a chance to win a raffle prize. Optimism is valued during these times and we should appreciate the people closest to us.

Mrs. Maravilla, our school secretary, expressed her opinion on the matter, explaining, “I believe it is always best to side with caution than to side with error.” We all just have to be a little more creative this year but I think families can still find a way to make this Halloween fun.”

Locked up in our homes and looking for ways to entertain ourselves, Halloween is another good excuse to do so. Even though we have limited options, we’re not going to let social restrictions stop us from finding a way to have a little fun. We need it more than ever during these secluded times. Halloween only lasts for one night, let’s make the best of it!