Senior Sendoff- LJ (Leslie Patt)


Image by Tara Phapornchai

LJ (Leslie Patt) smiling for a picture.

Graduating in the class of 2023, senior Leslie Patt, also known as LJ to his peers here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy. He’s been attending MECA for all four years even during the online class when the pandemic hit.

In an interview LJ talked about his experience attending MECA saying, “It was a really good freshman year and then covid hit so sophomore year was online, it was harder but it was pretty good Ms. Yao the PE teacher taught us how to juggle so that’s pretty cool. But junior and senior were pretty good since I started to talk to more people and make more friends.“

Feeling a little sad about leaving Mt. SAC Early College Academy, LJ still has some good memories of this school including his favorites when the school hosted the house competitions. He also has enjoyed many of the subjects he has taken. When asked what his favorite subjects are he replied with, “I like PE, physics, and the sciences so physics, biology, and chemistry.”

But what about what he’s doing after he graduates? In the interview he said, “I’m going to college and get my degree and then I’m going to try and become an IT person for a school district.” The college LJ has chosen is none other than Cal State University Northridge (CSUN)!

“I’m excited to meet new people and to try and join an ultimate frisbee league” replied LJ when asked how he felt about going to CSUN. Also when asked what he wants to do in the future LJ said, “I want to be an IT person or a teacher but mostly an IT person”

LJ also has shared some advice for the new coming freshman and the students that are still attending MECA, “When you take your college classes try to make sure that you get the ones you’re interested in so that you are more willing to do the work and you don’t get bored”

Along with recommending “Don’t take as many college classes, try and take like ones that are multiple periods and first if you can instead of taking the one class period ones” LJ comments, “because that means you have to do more classes, which means more class work, cause if you take one that counts as two periods that’s only one college class where if you take it individual class period you would have to take two different college classes.”

LJ and along with the rest of the senior graduating class of 2023 are ready to start their new journey. “Good luck to all the students that will still be here and have fun” a quote from our senior LJ!