Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Senior Decision Day

Story by Mackenzie Diaz, Staff Reporter

On May 12th, 2023 the back of the school was alit with rainbow colors, flowers, and bluebirds. The occasion? Senior Decision Day, the day where our senior class announces the colleges they will be attending after graduation. This year, the theme was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”! Seniors enjoyed candy, conversation, and karaoke, bookending the grand announcements of their colleges. The celebration guaranteed every student to leave with a smile on their face.

Following the event, senior Nathan Alquicira remarked, “It felt nice to lift each other up and celebrate everyone’s future endeavors.

Despite the laughs, there were also some tears as graduation swifly approaches.

“Just seeing the seniors all in one classroom for the last time was so bittersweet and brought back all the memories from the last four years,” counselor Claire Contreras gushes.

All in all, this year’s Decision Day celebration was most certainly one to remember!