Hot Dog! The Happiest Place on Earth Turns 100!


Image by Julia Pollard

The magical Sleeping Beauty Castle at night.

“The Alice Comedies” – Brothers Roy and Walt Disney produced short animated films titled “The Alice Comedies,” in 1923. Shortly after this, they started to build a staff so they were able to move to a larger space. This building became known as “Disney Bros. Studios” after they hung their iconic sign with the same name.

Little did they know that 100 years later they would be one of the most successful companies in the world.

Disneyland has many decorations around the park to celebrate its 100th anniversary. These special celebrations include a water show, a parade, and various food options that will only be available this year. Disney California Adventure also partakes in the Disney100 celebration as well.

The park, located in Anaheim, California, first opened on July 17th, 1955, and has created magical memories for families ever since.

Disneyland always has a magical environment, but this celebration makes it even more special. This celebration is global and encompasses all 6 Disney parks.

The Walt Disney Company has had a long, rich history that will continue. Media center clerk and Disney enthusiast Robert Sanchez, explains that Disney is a “shining example of the ‘American dream.’”

The new water fountain displayed in the updated Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland. (Photo by Julia Pollard)

Currently in Disneyland, their newest renovation to the Park is Mickey’s Toontown which Sanchez “would love to check out.” There are rides, an open grassy area for picnics, and playground equipment for younger visitors to enjoy.

Sanchez feels that Walt Disney had a unique vision that has done a great job of bringing families together.

Sanchez’s favorite Disney film is Sleeping Beauty as Princess Aurora is one of his favorite princesses. This makes it more special every time he visits Disneyland and gets to see Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

However, Sanchez wishes that there was a ride for The Hunchback of Notre Dame since it is his second favorite Disney film. He considers it to be “a very very underrated movie.”

Math teacher Crystal Guevara feels nostalgic when she watches Disney movies with her “mom and sister.”

She notes that she feels appreciative that “Disney is making more films about BIPOC and the communities…[including] a lot of indigenous cultures and had people who spoke Nahuatl take part in the latest Wakanda Forever movie.”

The authenticity of these recent films helps to make minorities feel seen on the big screen. This is something that the Walt Disney Company feels passionately about and they are sure to make sure everyone is represented in their content.

Guevara’s favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland. She is always sure to ride the Alice in Wonderland ride on every trip she takes to Disneyland.

The Walt Disney Company has spent 100 years enriching everyone’s lives and bringing families together. Fans can’t wait to see what the next 100 years will bring for the company.