Freshman Friday- Hazel Rodriguez


Image by Hazel Rodiguez

Freshman Hazel Rodiguez

Freshman Hazel Rodriguez is a nice and reliable student attending school here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy. Hazel enjoys MECA very much and all its opportunities that it has to offer her and her peers.

“I like how beneficial the school is and how we can do the college classes, it’ll be a lot of help in the future when I go to college and it will definitely shave off some years” answered Hazel when questioned about what she likes about attending here at MECA.

Hazel is also enjoying all the classes she has been taking this year saying, “I like my classes, I think my favorite is Spanish class because although I already know the language it is still fun to learn some new things and words.” And although Hazel is not in any clubs and is not planning on joining any clubs, she is keeping herself occupied with her sports outside of school.

She is currently playing softball at La Puente Park. When interviewed on how long she has played softball Hazel replied with, “I’ve been playing softball for 5 years, but I have been playing sports for almost 10 years.” Hazel is also going to continue playing softball and hoping to play in college softball. Playing softball for 5 years, she already has improved very much and has learned to love softball more and more.

Although she loves softball it is not the only sport Hazel has played. Hazel has played a large variety of sports including, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading, taekwondo, and cross country.

Hazel also really enjoys music saying, “It is a big part of my life at the moment and there are times when I just lay on my bed and throw on my AirPods and put my music on.” Music having a big impact on her is something she takes pleasure in, she even has a playlist that’s almost 30 hours long.

Hazel is very ecstatic for the new years to come here at Mt. SAC Early College. She is ready to take up all the offers this school has to provide and is ready to take on college classes. Hazel is overjoyed about being able to experience the opportunities here at MECA!