Freshman Friday- Dulce Chacon


Image by Autumn Pagan

Freshman Dulce Chacon likes to read, paint, and write.

Mt. SAC Early College Academy freshman Dulce Chacon has many hobbies and interests that she enjoys such as reading, painting, and journaling.

Dulce likes to paint whatever she can think of; there are no limits to what she creates. She also likes many art styles, but prefers to paint “still life.”

“[T]hough it may not seem like much, the paintings just feel like being in the moment, or taking time to look at the little things in life,” Dulce describes.

Dulce also likes to read; her favorite book genres are true crime and philosophy. Her favorite books that she likes to read are The 48 Laws of Power and The 12 Rules of Life. She says that she likes reading because it, “gives her peace of mind.”

Dulce also enjoys writing down all of the thoughts that she has throughout the day.

“[I]t helps me remember what happens in my life and gives me something to look back at,” Dulce explains.

Dulce was also a part of the Academic Decathlon team, where the theme was the American Revolution and they had to compete against many other schools.

The subjects that the team had to study were social science, economics, chemistry, literature, music, art, and math (algebra and trigonometry). They also had to be interviewed and give both a personal and unprepared speech.

Whether she is reading or painting, Dulce always finds a way to keep herself entertained during her free time.