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Students at MECA win awards and volunteer regularly, giving back to our widespread SoCal community! Pictured (left to right): Brian Pham, Celeste Ochoa, Cassidy Leung, Gabriela Jacobo, Amalie Esparza, Courtney Bell, Isaac Lichtman, Michael Flowers, Tara Phapornchai, Ryan McDonnell, Paulina Davalos, Interact Club, Michaela Chung, Armie Hermogeno, Audrey Spencer, and Claire Contreras.

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Did you know that the average cost for four years at a public college is around $40,000? Private colleges are on average two to more than four times as much, with the

Check out the video above of MECA Alumni, and current Sonoma State University student Adriana Sanabria's experience interning at Wonderkind Pediatric Therapy! Video Credit: Hannah Ramirez and Daniela Arreola

average for nonprofit privates being around $150,000. The average loan balance for California residents enrolled in college (or whose kids are enrolled) is $37,428. This is not including the cost of food, books, supplies, and housing.

Did you know that volunteering not only can improve your own mental health, but it also makes you look good to college admissions officers? According to College Board, the organization that brings you the SAT and AP classes, volunteer work shows colleges that you have leadership skills along with showing that you will be able to be a positively contributing member of their campus who will help to create a strong campus community. Even more, a 2018 survey revealed that 53% of admissions officers said that community service was a deciding factor for admissions.

To help our MECA community with cutting costs and looking good, we have created a MECA Student Opportunities List. In it, you will find volunteer opportunities and scholarships that will hopefully give you an even better jumpstart to collegiate success.

We are also adding a section for open job positions in the community, and we are open to suggestions for other helpful lists that we can make!

Check out TAC’s MECA Student Opportunities Lists!

To use the google sheet, open the document and use the tabs on the bottom of the page to switch between volunteering opportunities, scholarships, and job positions.

If you have any opportunities that you would like added to the list or if you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Great luck!

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College Admissions: Extracurriculars and Volunteering