Freshman Friday- Kayla Iniguez


Image by Michelle Calinisan

Kayla Iniguez is a member of ASB and likes to do arts and crafts.

There are various electives you can choose to take at Mt. SAC Early College Academy, and freshman Kayla Iniguez chose to be in ASB.
“ASB is all about working in teams and coming together to make all events run smoothly. In our committees, we can harbor our best skills and have a great outcome,” Kayla says.
There are three committees that students can be involved in; they are publicity, events, and finance. Kayla is a part of the events committee, so she helps to work on house competitions, spirit weeks, and various activities held throughout the year.

Being in ASB has also taught Kayla organization and teamwork.
“I have had to help clean the ASB room and set up events which has helped me become more organized” Kayla explains.
In her free time, Kayla likes to indulge herself in arts and crafts.
“I like doing that because it’s fun and kinda makes time fly,” Kayla said. “I like seeing the results after I’m done making something.”
Some of Kayla’s favorite crafts to make are paper garlands and origami.
“My favorite craft I’ve made is probably this butterfly paper chain I cut out… I think it’s cute” Kayla describes.
When drawing, Kayla likes to draw headshots of people, but she mostly draws women. She also likes to draw in a semi-realistic style, since she considers it to be easier than full-on realism.
“I’m proud of some of my digital art because it takes a lot of shading and clean line-work, and I really like when it comes together nicely” Kayla explains.
So next time you are enjoying a house competition or other school event, make sure to thank Kayla and the other members of ASB for their hard work that contributes to making these events so much fun.