Freshman Friday- Daceius Bynum


Image by Alexandra Davalos

Daceius Bynum during lunch here at MECA.

Attending Mt. SAC Early College Academy, freshman Daceius Bynum is a very interesting person being a smart, kind, and funny student. Daceius is a very bright student here at MECA, liking the staff and teachers and enjoying his peers.

“MECA is pretty nice and very enjoyable; I am having the most fun here” and “MECA has a nice environment, nice and lovable teachers, and amazing students” stated Daceius Bynum when asked what he likes about this school.

Daceius also enjoys all the classes he is currently taking, finding all of them to be his favorite. Although he does enjoy his Math class a little bit more than the rest. He is currently taking Math two with Crystal Guevara, as a freshman! He was very glad about the opportunity he took when taking Math one over the summer.

When interviewed and asked if Daceius had joined any clubs this year he replied with, “Yes, I am in two clubs; the pokémon go club and the ultimate frisbee club and both are really fun to be in.” Daceius is also looking forward to next year’s clubs that MECA has to offer, and maybe going to join one of them.

Outside of school Daceius is not currently playing any sports, although he has played sports. Saying, “Well I used to do some sports in my earlier years of school. Around kindergarten, I played soccer outside of school, and in 7th grade I played flag football.”

He also might play a sport again in the future. Daceius also has some hobbies he does. When asked if he has any hobbies he replied with, “Well my hobbies right now are watching tv and playing video games.”

Daceius is very excited and ready for next year as a sophomore, ready to take all the opportunities Mt. SAC Early College Academy has to offer him!