Freshman Friday – Isabella Vazquez


Image by Autumn Pagan

Freshman Vazquez likes to dance.

Sometimes we all need something to do after school in our free time when we’re not busy doing homework. Usually it’s a hobby or activity that we greatly enjoy. For Mt. SAC Early College Academy freshman Isabella Vazquez, that hobby was dancing.

There are many types of dances across the world and across different cultures. Vazquez liked to dance folklorico and ballet. Both dances are very controlled, meaning that you need to have a certain posture and stance.

Vazquez learned to dance when they were young, at the age of four. She’s also had teachers that taught her how to dance as well.

“I just found [dancing] interesting and needed something to do after school, so I was like ‘why not’’ Vazquez states.

Some people may think dancing is easy, but like most art, it is not. You spend a lot of time moving your feet, legs, arms, back, hips, and more, all of which can be impacted, especially depending on the type of dance you’re doing.

“It is recommended to go to like a chiropractor or something once a month when you’re dancing…especially if it’s dancing with a lot of hard footwork,” Vazquez describes. “It can have an impact on the way your…back is, or your hips and your knees.”

If you are in need of something to do after school, Vazquez recommends dancing. It kills time, and is something fun you can do in your free time.

“[I]t is something that can like not only be fun, but it can connect you to certain things about yourself, like culture,” Vazquez explains. “[I]t can just be relaxing.”