West Covina Centennial Spring Dinner and Festival


Image by Gloria Amador

100 years in the making the weekend of February 16-19 West Covina city celebrated its centennial anniversary with a dinner and spring festival.

The dinner had many important people from West Covina along with neighboring cities. Many supporters and sponsors of the city attended the dinner. The Edgewood high school choir performed at the dinner along with the South Hills high school band and the Edgewood jazz ensemble. Two girls from the Edgewood choir, Celeste Covarnubias, and Rhea Zelaya sang the national anthem that night   The West Covina fire department, police department, council members, and our mayor Rosario Diaz enjoyed the dinner.

The fun didn’t stop at the dinner as the city had a spring festival for all to enjoy. From local food to vendors to shop from to the carnival rides. The music played all night as the first day they had a band named Flashback and the second night a country band played all the favorites.  Tons of sponsors and supporters of West Covina came out to celebrate. The city also invited many local businesses and companies of West Covina to come out. The three nights of the spring festival were nights to remember.