Freshman Friday- Tepochtli Cervantes


Image by Victoria Romero

Tepochtli Cervantes here at MECA

Freshman Tepochtli Cervantes here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy, describes himself as “very enthusiastic and outgoing towards my peers and a bit childish at times.”

Liking this school very much, when asked what he liked about it. Tepochtli stated, “I like how MECA has a small student body because everyone knows each other so I get to know more people. I also like how calm MECA is.”

Tepochtli is also in many clubs here at MECA including; Paw Patrol, Scholarship Club, King of the court, and Ultimate Frisbee Club (this club is currently being made).

Aside from the clubs, outside of school Tepochtli has also been boxing. Boxing at La Puente Boxing Gym this month it’s already his 3rd month of taking up boxing. Having already learned the basics of boxing, Tepoichtli’s coach has taught him a lot and he is ready for more.

Enjoying boxing, Tepochtli was asked what exactly he liked about boxing. Stating, “I like the physical demand that you have to do in order to box, and I also just like to spar with my friends.”

Boxing is also not just to learn how to throw a punch it can be a great stress reliever or maybe it can be a great exercise for you. Boxing has been around since the 1680’s and has helped a lot of people in many other ways.

When interviewed why he chose to box, Tepochtli Cervantes said, “I chose boxing because I just wanted to better myself in some sort of way and I just feel like learning how to fight was the best way to better myself.”

If you’re interested in boxing yourself, check out the link to the website of La Puente Boxing Gym.