MPR Remodeling

Currently new at our school, Mt. SAC Early College Academy is the remodeling of the MPR. What are exactly doing you might ask, well they are now adding air conditioning and heating!

This has already been planned since before Dr. McDonnell and Ms. Price started working here.

“The MPR remodeling project started before Dr. McDonnell and I started working here so they started working on plans for the remodel last school year.” stated vice principal, Ms. Price.

When being interviewed and asked what exactly is being added or being changed to the MPR our vice principal, Ms. Price had said,

“They are adding air conditioner and heater and when they looked into adding air conditioning and heating they realized we have to redo our electrical, and they’re also adding a lift to the stage.”

The MPR remodeling will take about an estimated six months and should be done during the summer just in time for the next school year!