Freshman Friday – Natalie Alvarez


Image by Victoria Romero

Freshman Natalie Alvarez here at MECA

Natalie Alvarez, a freshman here at Mt SAC Early College Academy enjoys the highschool’s environment.

One thing Natalie brought up when being asked about things Natalie enjoys about MECA is its environment.

“I really like the small environment.”, Natalie explains.

But she is more than just a student here at MECA, Natalie is also an athlete, playing soccer at Newton middle school in Hacienda Heights.

Natalie, when asked how long she has been playing soccer replied,

“For about three years now.” Natalie responds.

Although, with soccer there is still school but luckily Natlie has no trouble balancing the two out. Doing her homework right away when getting home and finishing in time for her soccer practices.