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Melanie Lopez can usually be seen around campus with smiling eyes and a fun pop culture t-shirt.

Freshman Friday | Melanie Lopez

Since there aren’t any sports at Mt. SAC ECA, our more athletic students take to other methods of exercise. Freshman Melanie Lopez is no different. For some, it’s frisbee or pickleball, for others, it’s tennis or basketball. But Melanie, ever since they were little, took to playing soccer in their free time. It’s been eight years now, and it’s safe to say that they’re no beginner when it comes to the sport.

“At first, I really didn’t like playing and quite despised it,” they explained, “But over the years, I grew to like it more.”

It grew to be not only exciting and enthralling in the action of the game, but all-around fun. The true heart of any sport. And though they don’t plan to be a professional soccer star or anything like that, instead focusing on school and art, the sport never fails to be an entertaining hobby.

Melanie used to play on a team by the name of Reign, located in West Covina. For three and a half years, they developed their skills in the team, playing practically every role, testing what worked and what didn’t. Though they place themselves at a humble “average or so” skill, there’s no doubt that such a ranking should be considerably higher. A kicking jack of all trades, they are truly a force to be reckoned with, holding enough experience to make any opponent second guess their confidence.

Melanie shared eagerly, “My strength was that if you’d put me in one spot, even if I didn’t really know how to play it, I’d still try my best and adapt pretty quickly.” Though they can confidently say that they prefer playing middle field the most.

Soccer is merely a fraction of Melanie. An artist, a student, a sibling. Our hobbies don’t quite define us, but they bring color to our lives and make them a little more…fun! So grab a soccer ball and quake in fear, facing the lively powerhouse player of Melanie Lopez!

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