Mt. SAC’s Student Body Through New Eyes


Image by Annika Wotherspoon

From left to right, Payton Zarceno, Daniella Arreola, and Anisa Oza are shown watching a house competition.

The 2022 Mt. SAC ECA ASB elections kick off with candidates boosting their student morale through colorful posters, promotion videos, and gift giving. As voting comes to a close, eyes are now shifting to what the new executive board will bring to the table.

“I think that having a leader be a positive reinforcement for our students is a really big deal,” says ASB advisor, Ms. Wilcox, “It kind of permeates throughout our campus when we have our leaders be positive and enthusiastic about all of our activities.”

Lauren Diep, 2023 Vice President of ASB, is diligently working as Gamma House Representative during a house competition. (Image by Annika Wotherspoon)

ASB President Payton Zarceno has been a major growth asset to Mt. SAC ECA’s student body since her freshman year. With her graduation, it raises the question: What will the future leadership of ASB now look like?


“Being on the E-Board team is like a lot of work, but you have a really awesome advisor and you have the rest of your cabinet there to support you,” Zarceno shares about her experience as ASB President, “And so I think you should be hopeful about being in this position because you always know you have a support system to help you.” 

Compared to the year of 2021, the definition of a school environment has changed drastically. Because of this, students can look forward to the novelty of the next school year and what it will bring.

“I know we want to start annual projects, like Fall Fest. It’d be really cool to start like a tradition, or keep these events going so that students will always have something to look forward to,” says Zarceno.

“I’m excited for the house competitions and dances [next year] because I feel like, as we get more members and grow as an organization, there will be more and more ideas and inspiration for our events,” says freshman ASB member, Kristabella Rodrigez.

The voices of the students and the follow-through of the ASB keeps Mt. SAC ECA brimming with ideas that keep school spirit high. With standards set by the executive board, the winning candidates are also held to the same bar.

ASB advisor Ms. Wilcox is seen announcing house competition winners. (Image by Annika Wotherspoon)

“I think this year they’ve really shown that they can all be really great leaders,” says Zarceno about the ASB candidates, “Especially in a higher position. So I’m very hopeful for the next school year, you guys will be in good hands.”