Lego ASMR (A New Sound)


WIkimedia Commons

Story by Adela Angulo and Abrar Mohamed


In this time period where everyone is consumed by online entertainment, it’s easy to get lost in its different forms. There are millions and billions of ways to indulge yourself so it’s hard to keep track of the different trends. One you might have missed is Lego ASMR.


Also known on entertainment platforms as “Lego In Real Life,” Lego ASMR is an elaborate stop-motion video that features Legos and food.


It’s videos of food being crafted into legos, mostly in the form of cooking. Lego ASMR is not well-recognized when the topic comes up (if the topic ever does come up), but once seen again, it’s likely to be recognized as something familiar.


“This is the first time I’m hearing of it,” Jasmine Sampat, sophomore, even said. But once shown a clip she realized that she had “seen like two videos.”


Though many people are familiar with Lego ASMR, some still might be confused on how the production works.


People stepping on Legos or something?

— Marcus Minor


Instead of clay, like with traditional stop-motion, it uses Legos and food with different kitchen appliances. Stop-motion is a collection of pictures where each item in the frame is moved in small increments. These pictures are then put together to make an animated video. 


It is a very long process in which not many people have the patience to do. “I think it takes dedication, and I do not have that dedication,” said Sampat.


Though that’s complicated in itself, there is also an  ASMR aspect to these videos. ASMR stands for  “autonomous sensory meridian response” which is described as a “flow-like mental state,” by the NBCI (a national health institution). Creators are able to do this by implementing real life sounds of cooking into the video as a replacement of what the legos would originally sound like.


“You can see the Legos Change color, right in the middle of cooking,” Marcus Minor, junior, noticed.


Though it’s difficult to track down who first thought of incorporating ASMR with Legos and stop-motion, it’s easy to seek out its current creators.


There are many different streaming platforms that have “Lego In Real Life” but it’s mainly shown on YouTube.There are many different YouTube channels such as BrickBrosProductions, Tomosteen, and Lego Cooking. 


“It’s kinda cute, like with the little legos,” noted Julia Hernandez sophomore, “I think it’s kind of creative.”