What to do When You’re Alone on Valentine’s


Image by Melanie Briones

Jolene Tang, an example of a student alone on Valentines day.

Story by Jolene Tang and Melanie Briones

Only around 1/10 people have things to do on Valentines Day. What a sad, sad number. You’re probably part of the 90%, right? Aw, poor you. Here are 14 things to do on the 14th: 


DISCLAIMER! None of this is serious and is entirely sarcasm. This article has no ill-intent. Though the ideas may be there, no harm was meant and no offense is intended. From this point on, no one is responsible for your tears nor feelings. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you.



When in doubt, bake. Try out new and different recipes you’ve never had. If you burn it, eat it and try again. Though your love life may be failing like your baking career, it’s always better to be sad with good cookies than with burnt cookies.


Dress Up
If you don’t have anyone to impress, you can always impress yourself. That is the true meaning of Valentines. Well, no it’s not. But who else are you going to impress? Your dog?

Melanie Briones holding her broken heart. Shattered because she felt bad about writing this rude article. (Image by Jolene Tang)


Like the nerd you are, divulge in your favorite books. Escape your sad reality through a false world and let the words take you on a journey that isn’t so bland. Just because you have no romance in your life doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good romance trope. Just don’t let your expectations get too high when you suddenly want an enemies-to-lovers life.


Go on a walk; enjoy nature 

Okay, okay. Might’ve crossed a few lines. So here. Maybe going on a walk is good. Clear your head, look at the nature, stop thinking about how lonely you are. No matter how horrible your Valentine’s Day will be, no matter if they rejected you, even if no one even asked you out. Clear your head on a walk.


5 Minute Crafts

Oh c’mon. Let that creativity flow! By copying someone else’s DIY. Let your hands get lost in arts and crafts, gluing little hearts onto things. Maybe even DIY yourself your dream significant other.


Paint a Lonely Picture

Nothing clears the mind like a good painting. Let your paintbrush paint your lonely feelings; you could display it on your fridge or your wall so that everyone inside will see it. If you can’t succeed as a hopeless romantic, you could at least find a new hobby.


Watch a Movie

Bored from all your crying? Cry even more and watch your favorite sad movie. Or even watch a romance movie–like The Notebook, La La Land, A Star is Born–and wish you were the main protagonist. It’s alright, you’ll get your spotlight someday. Someday.

Melanie Briones and Jolene Tang, freshmen, bonding over their broken hearts. Together. (Image by Melanie Briones )


Another great hobby is to dance alone. Although you can’t waltz with someone in your arms, there’s plenty of other dances you can try out. Find the latest TikTok trends, go on Just Dance. Or dance to your favorite love songs and imagine someone singing it for you. Key word, imagine.


Find people to hang out with

If you don’t already have anyone who is also as lonely as you, there’s bound to be at least someone out there who will relate to your struggles. You saw earlier, only 10% of people had things to do on Valentines’. So go out into the world and find some friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your future love..


Write and journal

Journal about how sad you are. It’s okay, everyone does it. Let those feelings out. And if you can’t put them into words– in all honesty, loneliness is way too hard to write about– just make up some new words. Be the next Shakespeare, maybe you’ll finally be able to know your complex emotions.


Online shopping

Some people say money can’t buy happiness. Obviously, that isn’t the case when you’re sad and alone. Go look on Amazon, Etsy, even Ebay. Look for your idealistic date outfit that you’ll never wear. Or even buy those little grow-your own significant others. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Who knows, it’s obvious you aren’t even going to buy anything in the end. 


Listen to sad heartbreaking music

While you’re crying, listen to the most heartbreaking music just like you’re in a coming-of-age-film waiting for your character development to happen. You’ll be waiting for a while but that’s okay.



There’s nothing better than crying. Just lay on the floor, maybe with a good blanket or pet. There’s nothing like your dog staring at you while you cry. Hug yourself as you cry your sorrows away. Being lonely is alright. Still sad, but it’s alright.


Listen, it’s alright to be alone on Valentines day. No one actually cares. It’s okay if you are lonely, or sad. Especially on days like this because if you think about it, everyone gets lonely. You are just a little extra lonely.