Are Enrichment Classes Fulfilling? (Op-Ed)

Story by Hannah Ramirez, TimberTV Associate Editor in Chief

Enrichment classes are being given to students in replacement of the college classes students used to take. Enrichment classes are mandatory as students are required to attend school for a certain amount of hours per week. 

From receiving the answers of students and staff- the collective answer of these enrichment classes’ purpose is to aid with the preparation of students’ futures. To give some examples, Math for Physics is preparation and review of the following semesters work for the class physics taught by Mr. Janadi. The SAT prep and Expository Writing is meant to prepare sophomores to take the SAT and assist with their writing abilities. Ms. Bell, who is teaching the Expository Writing course was able to explain how these courses will benefit us, the students, “ I feel that the students will benefit from working on their weaknesses in order to be able to demonstrate to colleges that they are as amazing as we know them to be”. Ms. Bell further explains her excitement with these enrichment classes as they would be a major benefit to students as it prepares them for the future.

Classroom in session taught by Ms. Bell.

An anonymous poll was conducted with grade levels of 10-12. The results are in, 20% of students enjoy taking enrichment classes, 80% of students would drop the class from their schedule if given the opportunity, and 40% of students find the enrichment class beneficial to them.

Jessica Sanabria, junior, told us, “So far the things we have learned are review and are a good refresher for us. The class is to help us have a better understanding of the math concepts that are used in physics”.

On the other hand, junior, Monse Morales said, “I’m taking the Math for Physics class and to be completely honest I find it pointless. We don’t receive credit for the work and effort we are putting into this class”. Seeing from the statistics, most students agree with what Monse is saying.

My personal opinion on the enrichment classes provided by Mt. SAC aligns with most of the student body. While the intention of these classes is to assist students, administration seemed to forget that these classes are a stressor to me and my peers. Most classes give homework, exams, and long lectures while giving students no credits. Basically giving student work with absolutely no benefits. While the class I took I have taken for a week, it gives me an idea of what the class will be like. This class feels like a review from middle school. I thought that until college classes started we would have essentially a break. College classes were major stressors in all of our lives, therefore we should have the option of taking the enrichment classes or at the bare minimum given the option to pick our enrichment classes.

Isaac Lichtman and Alex Lopez conversing about material throughout the class.

There are the benefits of having a refresher class, studying something new for a short period of time, classes meant to prepare students for the future, and most importantly Mt. SAC gave students the opportunity to take a class.

The downside of taking these classes is that they are not worth any credit, are added stressors to students enrolled, and could be used as a free period where students are able to alleviate their stress.

To conclude, students’ opinion is negative towards the enrichment classes. Teachers are making the attempt to have these classes not turn into stressors, however students should have been able to pick the classes they take in substitution of their college classes. Students do benefit from the classes, however if it is a class they dislike or are interested in it will be difficult for the students to see the benefits. And the classes not being worth any credit have conflicted feedback. While a majority of students do not mind there are still those students who do mind. All opinions should be taken into consideration from both sides.