Yearbooks for Sale Now

A preview of what this years yearbook will look like.

Image by Yearbook Staff

A preview of what this year’s yearbook will look like.



This year’s yearbook will be for our first graduating class. Our first seniors are being sent off to their future.

The yearbook will be content looking back at the year 2021- 2022. Demonstrating how Mt. SAC Early College Academy opened back up after having to shut down due to the pandemic. Mt SAC ECA students are able to look back at the 2021-2022 school year with their yearbook.

The cost of the yearbook is $45. If you were able to purchase the ASB package, then you would be able to receive a yearbook! The ASB package comes along with a yearbook. To purchase a yearbook head to The Academy Chronicle and you will be able to purchase there. It is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, the yearbook has now sold out! There are flyers posted on campus with a QR code to request a yearbook.

This year’s theme for the yearbook is still a secret. The content was able to be revealed, Ms. Bell said, “We are featuring clubs like Paw Patrol and GSA, profiles about Ms. Banh and Bobby [in charge of the media center], Matthew Valencia and how he does stocks and stock profiles…” and much more is included.

According to Ms. Bell, the yearbook advisor, gave us the pros to owning a yearbook, “ The memories. I had my student go home and find someone in their family or friend group. I wanted them to see how cool it is to see the memories. You forget about the cool things that occurred. We want everyone to be in the yearbook, so we are working hard to include everyone”.

One main part of the yearbook is the seniors. The first graduating class at Mt. SAC ECA ceremony is this year. The yearbook advisor exclaims, “We are so excited about this year, because it is the first graduating class of seniors. We are focusing on that and making sure we celebrate our fourth year [of being an established school]. We are sending out our students to be people in the real world and we are really excited about it”

Yearbooks are being sold, and when you purchase them you’ll also be collecting captured memories.