Betty White: The Worlds National Sweetheart

Image by Alan Light

Betty White at the 1998 Emmy Awards. Awards

Story by Jolene Tang and Melanie Briones

Betty White. Everyone knows her name from all sorts of places. The Golden Girls, The Proposal, The Lorax, and many more. She was an actress and comedian adored by many. Although she might’ve been for the adult audience, even those much younger and much older could find her legacy admirable. A legacy worth remembering.

A life going on for almost 10 decades, White was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park Illinois and died December 31, 2022 due to a stroke she had been suffering for 6 days. She died peacefully in her sleep.

“Betty White has not only influenced my life but many others,” says longtime fan of Betty White, Annika Wotherspoon, “I grew up watching her not only on Golden Girls but on other movies like the Proposal. And in a sense she’s become part of my family.”

She left behind a huge legacy and a major impact on her adorers and the media itself.

White first appeared on screen in the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Sue Ann Nivens. Her most famous starring role was Rose Nylud on The Golden Girls. The hit show focuses on the daily life of four older ladies as roommates in Miami who have been divorced and/or widowed. The Golden Girls— created by Susan Harris— premiered in 1985 and stopped filming in 1992 with 7 seasons. 

As she grew older, she became more popular and played the role of much older characters in shows and movies. In 1953, Betty White became the first woman to have created a live sitcom (Life With Elizabeth). 

For this sitcom, she received her first Primetime Emmy award. Later on, she goes on winning 8 Emmy’s in total. In her career of more than 75 years, she’s won many awards including People’s Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild, a Grammy, and more. 

White was a good friend of Jimmy Fallon, who had just recently reaired her 2010 episode on his television show Saturday Night Live. Her 100th birthday celebration called Betty White: 100 Years Young will also still continue and be in over 900 theaters by today (January 17th).

Although she may not be with everyone to celebrate her own birthday, she will always be in the hearts of adorers.

Thank you for being a friend and happy 100th birthday, Betty White.