Weekly Advice Column 2


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For this upcoming finals week, we asked upperclassmen for tips and advice for this upcoming week everyone’s been preparing for.

Finals week is a stressful week as many have both highschool and college finals to study for, in preparation we interviewed some upperclassmen for tips and advice. The two questions we asked were:

“What is your advice or tips for your underclassmen for finals next week?”

“How has your experience with finals changed over the years at this school?”

Kenneth Martinez, a Senior here at Mt SAC ECA responds, ”Underclassmen, don’t study at all because it will literally stress you out more than enough, like watch maybe one or two youtube videos, but don’t like take it that seriously. Cause at the end of the day you think about it constantly will make you more stressed out.”

Vincent Hernandez another senior adds, ”Probably the biggest thing is to make sure you get sleep, obviously study for your finals and make sure you prepare by getting good breakfast cause finals do take a lot out of you, and just make sure you get proper sleep is probably one of the biggest things so you can help also remember and just keep up in your finals and you don’t slack off behind in them I guess”

Brittany Gutierrez senior, says, “Prioritize, like if there’s one where you’re like ‘I know nothing about this class’ study for that one cause why are you going to waste your time studying for the thing you already know. It is also important to find a group of people where you can study together cause if you try to solo it and you try to do it by yourself you’re not going to get anything done, I don’t think you can do any of highschool without having friends to help you with homework.” She adds, ”Freshman year finals were stressful because I had 9 classes but now I have less classes. Prioritize your mental health and take extra sleep, the style of that’s changed. At first it was multiple choice, now there’s more liberty

Jaytin Sampat, senior responds, “Try not to stress too much, try not to listen to what Kenneth says. Try to study and try to get a group of friends to study with.”

Sofia Orduna, a senior, suggests, “-To- Always pay attention in class, study with flashcards or anything that feels comfortable to you.” She continues, ”First time I took it I was nervous and later on I got used to it, and every year changes with teachers lead to changes to the finals.”

Hopefully this advice from our very own seniors here at Mt. SAC ECA will provide some aid in what to expect this upcoming week, for more information about schedules and agendas feel free to visit our schools website here. Good luck timberwolves AWOOO!