The Series That Stopped the World: Squid Game


Image by Jonas Augustin

Netflix’s original Squid Game being shown on the streaming site’s dashboard.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers of Squid Game

In a game of ethics and morals in a society that lacks both, those in poverty are given an opportunity to turn their life around through a single solution: children’s games. The only consequence that comes with losing is death.

“There is a visceral, primal, can’t-look-away feeling to the nine-episode series, which traffics in gore but also deep psychological horror and disturbances,” said USA Today’s Kelly Lawler.

Writer-Director Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s newest Netflix original exposes viewers to his dark take on modern-day capitalism, tackling topics such as the inhumane treatment of the lower class and the money system that’s constantly throwing punches at those who are neck-deep in debt.

Shows the format of a popular Korean children’s game called Squid Game, a heavy inspiration for the Korean drama. (Image by Vadim Bogulov)

“The story is very unique, I would never have thought of this storyline, Episode 6 hurt me tho [sic],” said freshman Arianne Avila.

Already the top show streamed within its first month of airing, word about the Korean drama has spread across the world.

“Squid Game’s unflinching brutality is not for the faint of heart, but sharp social commentary and a surprisingly tender core will keep viewers glued to the screen – even if it’s while watching between their fingers,” says the critics’ consensus on Rotten Tomatoes.

Hundreds of thousands have come to social media to express their love for the Korean drama, with the hashtag on TikTok having 38.5 billion views and around 794 thousand posts on Instagram. Fans of the show have even been recreating the challenges featured throughout the series and posting their attempts.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching the show,” says freshman Jolene Tang. “However, if I were to critique it, I’d say the ending was rather anti-climactic… I see the writers were in an inevitable dilemma.”


Squid Game’s stylized title turned into it’s logo. (Image by Vadim Bogulov)

Rated as an entertaining watch by the public, the 9-episode series turned heads around the world through Netflix. Whether to analyze its depth or cry over episode 6, the show is loved by many. Watch the series now with a Netflix subscription.