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Timber TV is the first stop for broadcast news straight from MECA and its community.

TimberTV Series

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week – 2023!
TimberTV presents: Timberwolves to Trojans – Junior’s Trip to USC
Bruins and Wolves: MECA Takes Over UCLA
TimberTV – Come along for a campus tour!

Unclogging the Bathroom Smell: A Very Short Film

What was that smell in the bathroom? Where did it come from? Why are we here? Some of these questions will be answered in this thrilling (satirical) film by Jordan Alvarado and Payton Zarceno.

Not for the Paint of Heart: MECA’s Spring Art Show
Who is Natasha: Thrilling Broadcast Exposé on MECA’s Notorious Lady
First Round of College Application Responses
TimberTV’s Ceramics Pinch Pots
TimberTV’s An Adventure in Acts of Appreciation
It’s Un-Pho-gettable: Culantro & Basil Pho Bistro
TimberTV’s Student Spotlight: Adriana Sanabria
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