The Club Rush Bonanza!

Image by Ms. Bell
The Music Club presents some of their instruments to eager students.

Mt. SAC ECA students rushed into the quad to take a gander at all the current and new clubs that were being offered at the school. Board and general members of the clubs had set up engaging board diagrams and information of the club’s purpose. Students that were interested signed their name and email in the sign-up sheets provided by the clubs. The afternoon of September 15th was exciting for all.


Ollie MacDonald, sophomore, signs up for the Dungeons & Dragons club. (Image by Ms. Bell)

The clubs were organized into 3 categories: academic, service, and interest. Academic clubs are for academic purposes, service clubs are for services and interest clubs are for hobbies. Some notable examples are the Junior State Of America (JSA), an academic club, the Gaming Club, an interest club, and the Red Cross Club, a service club.

“Students could find people with similar interests, and so they can be active in community building, and really just have fun,” explained Ms. Wilcox, ASB advisor and an organizer of the event.

At the beginning of the event, students found it difficult to set up and get settled in.

“When we were setting up it was a little bit chaotic, there were so many clubs trying to set up, so many kids trying to sign up and seeing what the clubs had to offer,” explained UNICEF club president Payton Zarceno.

There were also clubs giving out free items to future members, creating large groups of students in front of specific clubs.

The GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, for example, gave out pride flags, and while other clubs, like the Manga Club, handed out candy for people interested in joining.

Sam Wotherspoon, freshman, proudly waves two pride flags, obtained from the GSA club. (Image by Ms. Bell)

Due to this event, interest in clubs is at an all-time high. Even though Mt. SAC ECA is a small school consisting of 320 students, there are about 19 clubs and most of the students enrolled are in clubs. Compared to other schools, it has the most students per club in the entire district.

“Student interest in the clubs is bigger than anywhere else,” stated Ms. Wilcox, “we only have 320 students, but we have 19 clubs.”

For the future, there are plans for another club rush set for January of next year. In the meantime, plans are also set for a Fall Festival at the end of October.

“Sometime in January we will have a second club rush to regenerate interest in our clubs on campus, and we’re planning on doing a Fall Festival at the end of October,” said Ms. Wilcox.