Battle of The Four Houses


Image by Cassie Meza

Mr. Nichols as Referee

Story by Jackson Barrett and Cassie Meza

Mt. SAC ECA houses Delta, Gamma, Kappa, and Sigma gathered to compete against each other in a flag football tournament on September 24 at Mt. SAC ECA.  Each team only limited to a 20 player roster challenged their opponents in an attempt to become the winner and bring 50 points back to their house. Prizes then were awarded as 30 points to 2nd, 20 points to 3rd, and 10 points to 4th.  The first matches were decided as Gamma vs. Sigma and Delta vs. Kappa.   The tournament was run with a winners and losers bracket so the losing teams from the first matches went through the losing bracket and hope to work their way through to the other side into the finals. 

Delta came in 4th place overall in the competition first by getting shut out by Kappa, then getting shut out once more by Sigma in the final seconds of the game.  “The students really gave their best shot, ” Delta teacher Ms. Sprague stated.  She believes what may have helped was to even out the player grade levels more, “we had a lot of seniors play the second half” Ms. Sprague said.  One thing she feels helped the other teams were the amount of athletes.  She felt that even though Delta had their handful of athletes theirs just weren’t as familiar with the sport.

Delta lining up for a play (Image by Cassie Meza)

Gamma came in 1st place overall shutting out both opponents first Sigma then Kappa in the finals.

“We have a lot of students in Gamma who are very passionate,” Gamma house teacher Ms. Bell said.

“We also have a lot of students who are sports oriented.”

She believes Gamma had many strong runners so she noticed that the strategy was to dump the ball off to the receivers and let them take it on the ground rather than the air.  She believes the “competitiveness” of each player also played a big role in how the team did as well.


Interception catch by Junior Jaden Nguyen (Image by Unknown Photographer)

Kappa came in 2nd place overall, first shutting out Delta then getting shut out in the finals by Gamma.  At the end of the competition, Kappa won some bonus points by winning the cheering challenge. 

“Watching all the students play and cheer on their houses as well as other houses, was a great experience,” Kappa teacher Ms. Banh stated, she also noticed that as many players played well together they weren’t passing to other players. 

Ms. Banh said, “the other team simply had more players who were familiar with football.  All of our players did their best and played really well.” One player she noticed that stood out from the rest was Arturo Escobar who “made some really impressive passes and plays.”


Contested catch between Junior Andrew Latin (Green) and Arturo Escobar (Yellow)  (Image by Liana Mayo)
Vincent Hernandez making plays for Sigma (Image by Cassie Meza)

Sigma came in 3rd place overall first getting shut out by Gamma then they won in the final seconds against Delta with the touchdown grab by Junior, LJ Patt.   

“I think we did well,” Sigma teacher Ms. Hoffman stated.

 She felt that a little practice may have helped the team. 

“I think it was an off day for us; we’ve been better in the past. We can rebound for sure.”


 The competition standings are 1st place Gamma, 2nd place Kappa, 3rd place Sigma, 4th place Delta.