September Timberwolves Rebuild School Spirit


Image by Emely Estrada

Students wearing pajamas on bottom and outwear clothing on top for Zoom day.

Story by Annika Wotherspoon and Cassidy Lin

Students and staff from Mt. SAC Early College Academy had participated in the school’s Spirit Week event, featuring brand new fun activities to indulge in. The event stemmed from September 19 to September 24, 2021.

Student wearing pajamas on bottom and outwear on top for Zoom Day. (Image taken by Emely Estrada)

ASB members Maureen Smith, Payton Zarceno, and Isabella Zepeda were huge contributors to the event, bringing out the most enjoyment and delivering it right to the students.


“My role was just facilitator to make sure that the students had everything organized,” said Tiffany Wilcox, ASB advisor. “But it was really a student-led effort.” 


Students who participated could check in with House Presidents to rack up points for their House. Gamma is currently in the lead with 200 house points, Sigma is following close by with 182 points, Kappa with 143, and Delta with 133.

Students wearing pajamas on bottom and outwear on top for Zoom Day. (Image by Emely Estrada)

ASB spent their first month of meetings planning out the activities for this week.


“We used the Fall idea before, but the other ideas were original. Especially the Zoom Day, which was what we did on Monday,”  Ms. Wilcox explained. “I think that was just because of, obviously, some inspiration from the pandemic and distance learning. Kind of an homage to that.”


Ms. Wilcox also noted her favorite dress-up of the week,  a group of juniors that had dressed up as “frat boys” on Multiples Day. “I thought it was the most hilarious costume I’ve ever seen, and the fact that they coordinated it, it was amazing and it made me laugh out loud all day!”


As one event nears its end, new events are already in preparation of making their debut. Students can look forward to club fundraisers, school dances, and house competitions this coming November. Go Timberwolves!