Mt. Sac ECA Presents Disco Night!


Image by Abrar Mohamed and Jocelyn Flores

Freshmen students from Mt. Sac ECA pose in preparation for the 70’s Disco themed dance on Friday October 1st.

Women’s fashion in the 70s included things like bell-bottom pants, plaid and bright colors. (Image by Flickr user PINKE)

This year’s first dance, the Back to School Dance, will be held this Friday, October 1st from 7-10pm at Mt. Sac ECA.

ASB’s purpose of creating this dance is to have students socialize and interact with one another.

“It’s for people to get along and to meet new people,” said Brian Thomas, freshman ASB student. “When someone asks someone if they want to go to the dance with them, that will create new friendships. I also think they put it right before friendship week so for the next dance their will be more people who know each other for friendship week”

Some examples of Men’s 70s fashion include denim, plaid and belts over button shirts. (Image by Flickr user Karen)

At the door, it’s $35, but when purchasing earlier, it’s $30. For ASB students, it’s free. Bringing a guest is allowed and encouraged; however, students must complete the application at the front office first.

ASB is making sure that a lot of fun experiences will be present at the dance.

“There’s gonna [sic] be a DJ, too, and a photo booth, food, and a big dance floor,” Brian informed Academy Chronicle staff. “It’s gonna [sic] be near the Quad area.”

The theme will be 70s Disco Dance. Here are some options that are fit to wear (optional):

  • Layer tops
  • Demin
  • Pant suits
  • Overalls
  • Fashionable tie dye shirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Colorful bell jeans
  • Colorful suits
  • Plaid