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Club Craze | Red Cross Club

Mt. SAC ECA’s Red Cross Club is a service club that aims to help those in need and aid those in disaster. This club also hopes to selflessly improve the world they live in, working with the American Red Cross organization.

Although many do not like to admit it, the world is full of tragedy and devastation. Currently, homelessness rates are rising; COVID-19 is still affecting people greatly; and climate change’s negative effects are seen everywhere. With many struggling, the American Red Cross promises to aid all in need: the group’s mission statement claims they are dedicated to “[preventing] and [alleviating] human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​”

By working in partnership with the organization, Mt. SAC ECA’s Red Cross Club shares their values, goals, and ideals of bettering the world.

Many are impassioned to be a part of this club due to what they hope to accomplish.

Annabel Martinez, freshman and secretary of Red Cross Club, “became a board member of the Red Cross [Club] because [she] wanted to give back to [her] community.”

This collective passion and vision shared with the other board members of Red Cross Club is what inspired the creation of the club.

Annabel has stated, “Due to Covid-19 our options [for club events] are limited but I would love to take CPR classes and educate other students on how to do CPR. Hopefully one day we can save a life that was almost lost.”

Annabel believes students should join the Red Cross Club “if they want to help their community and help others.”

Blood drives; clothing, food, book, and toy drives; first aid and CPR workshops; forest recovery; coin drives; and dodgeball tournaments are only a few of a multitude of events this club aims to set up and complete (most likely in a post-pandemic world).

To learn more about the Red Cross Club, watch their club rush video. Look out for this club next year and consider joining Red Cross Club!

Ways to contact and join Mt. SAC ECA’s Red Cross Club. (Image by Red Cross Club)
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