Minari Film

This image shows Yoon Yeo-Jung, the actor playing Soonja in the film Minari.

Minari was a film released on February 12, 2021, and is directed by Lee Isaac Chung. The film is about a Korean family that moves to a farm in Arkansas. After they move, they find themselves with many obstacles. Together as a family, they push through those obstacles and learn what makes a home a home.

The Korean family consists of Jacob (the father), Monica (the mother), the older sister, Anne, and the youngest son, David. The parents started off in California by working to separate chicks according to their gender. Finally, they move to Arkansas in hopes of owning their own farm. One of the key ideas of this film talks about “The American Dream”. Jacob and Monica are trying to nurture their children to follow their dreams. However, they do end up arguing due to their clash in goals for their children. In this film you will also see some clashes of different cultures. You have Jacob who is like a stereotypical white farmer and seems to be doing well in America after moving from Korea. However, Monica fares less well than Jacob;she seems to be unsure whether she prefers to be in America or Korea. It could even be that she didn’t want to be in America, and wants to go back to Korea. The main problem in the story is that the family has a hard time adjusting to their new home. They had to make choices like whether to stay in a community with more Korean Americans, or to another place that is relatively separated from the rest of everyone else. The title of the movie also plays a key role in the film. Something tragic happens to the family’s home, and the minari plant ends up being the only thing that survives. As they face their challenges, they ultimately push through and become closer as a family.

This film has a 98% for Rotten Tomatoes. Minari is a sweet film that is centered around family. I would recommend this film to people who enjoy heartwarming movies. Some parts of this film are also in Korean, so I would definitely recommend Minari in order to listen and get a feel of Korean culture and language.