Origin Realms: The server that is changing Minecraft


Image by Flickr User BagoGames

Origin Realms may be a game changer for Minecraft, the popular digital game.

Origin Realms is a server that redesigns Minecraft. The server uses plugins (modifications that don’t require large downloads) to create an entire new world with new features and items that make your gaming experience even better than before. Origin Realms brings that spark back that Minecraft always had and then made it even better.

Realms are a feature that allows multiple people to play in one world. Origin Realms uses a similar process except they don’t charge you and there are a lot more people to find and hang out with. Realms is a lot like Hypixel Skyblock and you can trade and purchase items for many things. You can use the money you have to make more or you can spend it on items or cosmetics.

The community is open to everyone and they are becoming more and more diverse to others. They have already opened up to Spanish, German, and many more. People rarely ever get robbed and when they do the admins and moderators are always there to help.

There are also the fun parts of the server such as events for different holidays. They are already getting ready for many other holidays and already have done it for Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Valentines Day, and it is planned for many more. Each event brings new furniture and cosmetics. They also bring new tools that are of Netherite level but are also unbreakable. During the events they also add special balloons that have items from the specific event.

Many different enchantments are added to get your armor or tools to the best protection. You can get enchantment books only, the enchantment table no longer has the same use. The enchantment table has 3 levels that allow for lower percentage books. The higher the level the more expensive it is to enchant books. The percentage is a thing that decides whether the book will even work. If you have 50% you have a 50% chance for it to break. The lower it is the better but you can remove the percentage with Ashes o’ Enchantment which removes 2-3% and A Protection Rune which makes it so your item can be enchanted with no problem and it can last multiple enchants.

Something similar to enchants are Relics, these items are super rare and difficult to get but they can be very worth it. You can put them on your armor and tools but they are only for Platinum armor. Specific relics give you special abilities. Toxic Spore makes you immune to poison if you have full armor and the weapons can leave poison trails when you break blocks. Wraith Ribs are more expensive and rare and they have the ability to make you disappear and be immune for a few seconds with a full set and the weapons deal more damage.

There are so many shops and many people to buy from in the community. The auction house allows people to put a lot for sale. They have raised the allowed price in the auction house by a lot over the past months and this allows for more people to use the auction feature. There is also a 5% fee that used to be 10% but they reduced it so people would be more comfortable using the auction house.

There are a few ways to make money which in the game are rubies. One is to use farming where you can farm and earn money from selling crops to one of the shops and the other is to get rare items and sell them. Both of these are good strategies but getting rare items gets you a lot more money way faster.

The server has very kind communities and everyone is very respectful and connected. The server is changing so much and so fast that it is hard to keep up. By the time this is read there could be a bunch more added. You can only know if you check out the server for yourself.