Spotify’s New In App Personalization

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Spotify has unveiled a new personalized feature called “Only You” where users can celebrate their unique music taste.


This new update offers three new features total that users can toggle between freely.

First, Spotify expresses the unique taste of the participant, showing two artists that users usually don’t listen to together.
Second, users get their astrological birth chart but with artists they listen to instead of zodiac signs.
Third, they are given an opportunity to invite artists to a dinner party. A mix of the artists chosen is provided after participants conclude the activity.

Another feature is still a beta one, titled Blending. It allows users to connect with a friend and make a playlist with songs from each party’s taste. The blend playlist is updated regularly as each person’s taste shifts.

There are other personalized additions, like music organized by decade.


“Only You” is available to mobile users only through the most recent update. It should open automatically when launching Spotify, but if not, it is available when searching “Only You” as a genre.

There, you can access your Dinner Party mix as well as Genre and Decade mixes.


Most Spotify users are into this change. “It made Spotify more interesting. I now have a better understanding of the music I listen to. It’s always cool to reflect on my taste,” Vanessa Ramos explains.
Some people, like Matthew Rivera, prefer the Blending feature. “[Blending] gives you a perspective of what music you and someone else listens to, and blends them. Looking at the differences and similarities you and someone else have in taste is really interesting.”