Top 5 Places Reopening This Summer


Lessening COVID restrictions means that more and more places are reopening! Which places are you planning on going this summer?

With summer coming into the picture much quicker than we imagined, many are looking for places that’ll be open.

Here are the top places that will be reopening soon, or, are already open!

San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo is already open for guests and curious children that might want to explore and observe these beautiful animals during the summer.

Elephants at San Diego Zoo. (BalboaPark.Org)

Although there is a limited capacity, you can still have fun while shopping, dining, and going through the famous Safari Park! But beware, you still have an exposure to COVID-19, and just to be safe, the zoo requires masks for all those that are 2 years old and older.

Disneyland has now been open since April 30 of this year and is only allowing California residents to visit the park. Guests will need to have a reservation and ticket for the park they choose to visit (Disney California Adventure or Disneyland Park) as informed by Disney itself on the official Disneyland page. Some rides are not available for one’s enjoyment but there is much more you can still enjoy: food, other open rides, attractions and much more!

Universal Studios Hollywood
Like Disneyland, Universal Studios has been receiving guests since April (16) and is only allowing people who are either California residents and out of state people who are vaccinated. Out of state children must be over 12 years old, as children ages under can not receive the vaccine. Many fun rides await incoming guests, from studio trams to Despicable Me, to Jurassic Park, there’s always something for everyone.

Raging Waters, San Dimas is pictured here. (BalancingTheChaos.Com)

Raging Waters
This fun waterpark located in San Dimas has many things to offer for a family in need for fun in the water during these incoming hot summer months! Raging Waters will be open this Saturday of May 29th, but everyone must make reservations to visit the day they want to. This waterpark has food, shopping, and of course the fun water rides and attractions. You can eat pizza, burgers, funnel cakes, ice cream, etc. You can enjoy the relaxing lazy river, the rapids, water slides, and for the smaller kids: a kid’s water kingdom full of different attractions!

Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum reopened the first of April of this year and for people who love taking long walks and pictures this is ideal. The Natural History Museum offers a variety of collections, whether it be dinosaur bones, the African American Hall, or the North American hall, there is something for every curious person. Of course there are guidelines to follow because of the pandemic and that includes, limited guests and wearing a mask.

Apart from all these fun places, there are many more opening up this summer for everyone to enjoy with family and friends. There are just a few places to get an idea of what you have available around you.