Finals Study Tips


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Tips to Ace Finals
Finals are on everyone’s minds right now and with it being held in online learning, stress is at an all time high. Finals are the final tests we have this semester, and students are studying extra hard for these exams.

So hopefully this article can be of some use to you, the reader, and you would use these tips to your advantage. Finals can be hard at times but remember to never give up!

Plan out your studying and manage your time: Have days where you study specific subjects so you can devote more time to each class evenly. It’s more preferable to do this a week before Finals as you want more time to study for all of your classes.

Handwrite your notes: Writing your notes can help you remember your notes, instead of typing it out. The only reason you should type your notes is if there are a lot of things to remember and write. Independence University states “Researchers found that students who take notes by hand tend to learn more than those who type their notes on a laptop” (Shelby). Also the article goes over why it’s better to take notes digitally, so pick out what is best for you.

Study with others: Teamwork is an important role in sports, work, and even studying. As you can get help in subjects you aren’t very familiar with and vice versa. Just make sure you don’t mess around the whole time and don’t get anything done. Remember why you’re working with them, so that all of you are ready for Finals Week. Florida National University states, “By having each group member read, study, and summarize the most important points in a chapter, other students in the group gain the capability of understanding chapters at a deeper level” (Admin).

Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for clarification on a subject: Most of the time teachers will go it over with you. The only thing you shouldn’t do is ask lots of non-specific questions when Finals are right around the corner.

Have a nice breakfast: Finals are pretty stressful and with a day full of testing, you need energy so you can make it through the day. So having breakfast and lunch would give you that energy to keep working hard until the end of Finals. The Better Health Channel states, “It replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health” (Better Health Channel).

Finals are stressful for everyone, including the teachers who have to grade all of their students. Just remember to try your best, work hard, and to study. It can be hard at times but remember that there is a relaxing summer waiting right after finals. Good luck to everyone on their Final exams!

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