Teacher Appreciation Week


Image by Ms. Maggiore

As the first school gathering during the 2021 year, Mt. SAC Early College Academy staff participate within a socially distanced lunch on campus!

With Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, students of Mt. SAC Early College Academy display respect and recognition of their teachers’ hard work throughout the school year.

Mr. Janadi
Mr. Janadi is the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Physics and Chemistry teacher, often described as motivational, understanding, and passionate in teaching. Students continuously appreciate Mr. Janadi’s love of science and teaching overall.

Jordan Alvarado
“Mr. Janadi is patient when teaching, and encourages participation in an enjoyable way. He always keeps a positive attitude and takes the time to make learning physics fun!”

Payton Zarceno
“Mr. Janadi is an awesome teacher who always takes the time to make sure students understand important concepts, even if this means making videos for us outside of class. We greatly appreciate it!”

Daniela Arreola
“Mr. Janadi is a very supportive teacher and I truly appreciate everything he does for us. Physics is a difficult class, but with his help, it has become an interesting subject.”

Anisa Oza
“Mr. Janadi is always finding unique ways to helps students understand subjects as complex as physics and chemistry. As students, we love to see him speak so passionately about why he loves science so much. It really motivates us to keep working hard!”

Ms. Maggiore
As the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Math teacher, College and Career Readiness teacher, and Assistant Principal, Ms. Maggiore is thoroughly appreciated for her kindness, support, and understanding.

“I really enjoy my math class. It has to be my favorite class in all my 8 periods. Ms. Maggiore is positive as well as a kind and helpful teacher. When school first started, I had trouble understanding some lessons. Luckily, Ms. Maggiore was there to give me detailed information and
hints on the problems!”

Anabel Martinez
“Ms. Maggiore is very kind and always puts her students before anything else.”

Julia Hernandez
“Ms. Maggiore is special because she always makes sure everyone can keep up with her class and does everything possible to make sure everyone [exercising] is doing well. She’s also very fun!”

MECA teachers enjoy an abstract paint night led by the amazing art teacher Ms. Hoffman. (MECA Staff)

Ms. Mendoza
Students adore Ms. Mendoza’s consideration, understanding, and kindness. As the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Spanish teacher, students express thorough appreciation of her positivity and welcoming acceptance.

Amalie Esparza
“Ms. Mendoza really cares about her students and tries to help us out however she can. Whether it being [advice] on life, needing someone to talk to, or even just helping us remember our worth.”

“Ms. Mendoza is a really positive person. They are really kind and understanding with work. I thought it was awesome that she took time to teach us more about Autism and how it really is for people with Autism. She even plays the best videos that have ever been [realized] on youtube, Senor Jordan.”

“It is just super clear that Ms. Mendoza really cares about her students from the way she talks to us and how she is there when we need her. Gracias Ms. Mendoza!”

Ms. Sprague
Ms. Sprague is the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Math teacher, thoroughly appreciated for her engaging activities and considerate acceptance.

“I just really like the way we learn in this class and I have lots of fun especially when we do [tests] and little quizizz things or games she makes math even more fun than it already it is.”

“Even though I have Ms. Sprague at the end of the day. I’m usually drained from the school day but she makes her lessons so fun and interactive. I could have a bad day and just talking to her in the beginning of class helps me carry some weight off my shoulders.”

“Ms. Sprague cares about her students. She wants to make our [math] class fun, with icebreaker questions and games being incorporated into our lessons.”

Jordan Alvarado
“Ms. Sprague is passionate about what she teaches and creates a caring work environment. She makes learning math both fun and engaging!”

Ms. Wilcox
As the Mt. SAC Early College Academy College and Career Readiness teacher, History teacher, and Associated Student Body advisor, Ms. Wilcox is thoroughly appreciated for her kindness, humor, and optimism.

“I enjoy being in her class. She has taught me so much and has made me realize what I want with my future. She is nice, funny, and I love being around her. Thank you for being such a great teacher!! I appreciate you.”

Gracie Padilla
“Ms. Wilcox is just so optimistic and kind and I genuinely feel really happy when I get to her class. Some times she brings up how I can sing and when she makes those remarks It’s always such a joy. I feel really seen in that class and I like how she’s able to connect/click with my other peers as well.”

Anisa Oza
“Ms. Wilcox is always so enthusiastic about anything and everything she chooses to do! As students, we see her as an active member on our campus as she leads ASB, is a World, and US History teacher. I especially love how she always finds a way to apply her lessons to what is going on in today’s time. It really helps us appreciate our history.”

Ms. Yao
Ms. Yao is the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Physical Education teacher and Math teacher, described by students as funny, encouraging, and friendly. Students express the utmost appreciation for Ms. Yao’s motivation and consideration during class.

Isaac Lichtman
“She’s also very cool and funny. I feel like Ms. Yao is able to make everyone talk during the class and the conversations we have in PE are fun.”

“Ms. Yao is awesome. She is super encouraging and friendly. She remembers to say hi to my cousin. She keeps us going during workouts.”

“Ms. Yao is a great teacher. Ms. Yao always [exercises] along with us. She is very motivational because she can even get me to exercise. I normally would rather do anything but exercise but Ms. Yao gets me really motivated to do exercise. It’s also the lessons that we learn during class that help motivate me. I even go on walks every week because of the goals that we set for ourselves in P.E. I think that Ms. Yao is a great teacher who can even motivate a potato couch like me to exercise.”

“Ms. Yao is a great teacher. Ms. Yao always exercise along with us. She is very motivational because she can even get me to exercise. I normally would rather do anything but exercise but Ms. Yao gets me really motivated to do exercise. It’s also the lessons that we learn during class that help motivate me. I even go on walks every week because of the goals that we set for ourselves in P.E. I think that Ms. Yao is a great teacher who can even motivate a potato couch like me to exercise.”

Ms. Hoffman

Mr. Barriga
Mr. Barriga is Mt. SAC Early College Academy’s Yearbook Advisor and Study Skills teacher. Students describe him as positive, caring, and relaxed. Many also comment on the good energy he brings to the class every day.

“A very energetic and fun teacher. You can see that he [cares] for his students as he helps them if they need help in their studies.”

James Vega
“I think Mr. Barriga is a really nice and caring teacher who genuinely tries to have a relationship with his students, he really [gets] to know them and their interests so later he can ask about how [they’re] doing and conversate about their hobbies or things they like. He also is pretty flexible when it comes to work and genuinely tries to help if you have stuff missing. Overall he’s a really great teacher in my eyes.”

“I think that Mr. Barriga is really cool. It’s a ton of fun talking about marvel, art, and movies in his class. I think Mr. Barriga is also very understanding when it comes to our work. He offers breakout rooms for people that want to work on a specific class or assignment. Those breakout rooms are a ton of help when there is a test, or project coming up soon. He also offers to help us with specific.”

Ms. Berrong
Ms. Berrong is one of Mt. SAC Early College Academy’s English teachers. Many students like her for her supportive and caring nature. They also say that she always leaves a positive impact on the people around her.

“Mrs. B is super special to me because I’ve had a lot of rough days where I just wanna curl up in [a] ball and go back to sleep. She makes me feel so [relaxed] and better myself. She doesn’t know how much she has helped me without even trying. She always puts a smile on my face. 😄”

Anisa Oza
“Ms. Berrong is so understanding of all her students. She’s always willing to provide help in all matters, and always gives the best advice! I appreciate the fact that she takes the time to find different options for students depending on what would help them succeed.”

Daniela Arreola
“Ms. Berrong is the most genuine and kind person I’ve ever met. Her equitable and democratic approach to education makes me as a student feel safe and important. Thank you for always being there to recommend a book or give a piece of sage advice.”

Ms. Bell
As one of the Mt. SAC Early College Academy English teachers and Journalism Advisor, Ms. Bell is described by students as fun, positive, enthusiastic, and engaging. Students thoroughly appreciate Ms. Bell’s kind and encouraging personality.

Amalie Esparza
“Ms. Bell is a very fun and outgoing teacher, who never fails to make me smile. She has this ‘thing’ in her that really sets her apart from the other teachers energy wise. She just gives off these happy, positive, enthusiastic vibes that can literally bring ‘light’ into anyone’s day.”

“Ms. Bell made English and writing much more understandable and made me get back into reading again.”

Daniela Arreola
“Ms. Bell is an amazing teacher. Her positive attitude and upbeat mood makes every class very fun. I’m always excited to see what game or activity you have planned for us. Thank you for all your help in journalism; you’re the #1 editor!”

Ms. Banh
As the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Biology and Chemistry teacher, Ms. Banh is frequently described for her uplifting personality. Students constantly appreciate her humor, kindness, and welcoming personality.

“Ms. Banh was able to create a really strong connection with me and is my current most trusted adult.”

Ameena Shafiq
“They’re patient and understanding. They make learning fun with the environment they create in their class!”

“I believe Ms. Banh has some of the best memes. She’s such a positive person and is always trying to get us to smile. She even does weird animal of the week. Ms. Banh calls the test “happy paper fun time” so we are less stressed about them. She also checks in on us every week which I think is really kind of her. She makes the end of the day a lot less tiring and way more fun.”

“Ms. Banh is such an amazing teacher. I love the way she teaches biology, it has made me so much more interested in science. She is fun to be around and she is very relatable. Thank you for being one of the best teachers!! I appreciate you.”

Mr. Ortiz
Mr. Ortiz is the World History teacher at Mt. SAC Early College Academy, described by students as engaging and fun. Students appreciate Mr. Ortiz’s interesting lessons and assignments.

Annie Tran
“Mr. Ortiz is special because he makes learning history interesting. He doesn’t just make us take notes and give us lectures. He gave us a fun mapping project as well as some group presentations so that we can research our own information.”

Maya Franco
I think that Mr. Ortiz is a very nice teacher. He is organized and always provides help. He cares a lot about all of his students and is an interesting person.

“Mr. Ortiz has a great passion and perspective of history. He still is a big kid at heart, which makes him have a great sense of humor.”

Ms. Hoffman
Ms. Hoffman is the Mt. SAC Early College Academy Art teacher. Multiple students commented on her continuous creativity and optimism.

Charlize Cardona
“Ms.Hoffman was the first high school teacher I had, and she taught me over summer school. It was during the height of the pandemic and she still managed to be charismatic and have an optimistic attitude, which I really appreciated. Her class is really enjoyable and she is really understanding of her students during this isolation. We also both love cooking and are passionate about beans.”

“She was my first teacher at the school in a [way] since I took her summer school. She was really nice and welcoming, and I really felt comfortable around her. I really appreciate how she always checks on her students and takes our opinions and suggestions into consideration.”

Anabel Martinez
“Ms. Hoffman is very creative and is always by her [students’] side when they don’t understand something or even if they ever need to talk.”

“I like [Ms. Hoffman] because she made [me] like art a little bit more[,] which I haven’t in the past so I am thankful for that.”

Overall, students understand the consideration and effort of teachers within their classes; thus, during Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, students express the utmost gratitude for the wonderful teachers of Mt. SAC Early College Academy.