Friday Night Funkin’: Week 7 is finally here


Image by Screenshot from week 7 cutscene 3

Here we see the boyfriend and girlfriend in a pretty funky situation.

The hit game Friday Night Funkin’ has finally come out with its seventh week as of April 19 that is filled with major updates to the game entirely.

Week seven featuring the Newgrounds mascot, Tankman, is only exclusive to Newgrounds at the moment which is why the community was so excited, that Friday Night Funkin’ servers were down for a day due to the number of people checking it out.

For those who don’t know, Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game made by Newgrounds developer Ninjamuffin99, art made by Evilsk8er and Phantom arcade, and music composer Kawaii Sprite. It has received massive praise online for its casual experience, unique characters, and various mods created by the community.

Friday Night Funkin’ title screen. (Phantom Arcade, Evilsk8er)

The story is that the main character named the boyfriend falls in love with the girlfriend but her parents along with other antagonists get in the way of their love. The boyfriend must defeat the father named Daddy Dearest and other bad guys by rap battling them in separate “weeks” or levels. Some characters you face in these weeks are from other media such as Skid and Pump from Sr. Pelo’s youtube series “Spooky Month” as well as Pico who is the second Newgrounds mascot.

In week seven, Tankman is one of those cameo characters from the web series “Tankmen” on Newgrounds which is a series of mature comedic cartoons revolving around the struggles of the captain and his army of tankmen. Week seven’s songs consist of “Ugh,” “Guns,” and “Stress”. It is also the first week to feature voice acting by Johnny Utah who is the creator of Tankmen (be aware some words used in week seven are not very friendly).

Newgrounds drawing of Tankman. (Artist: KOLANI)

However, Tankman will not be the only new addition to Friday Night Funkin’. Right now, the creators have a Kickstarter that has a goal of $60,000 but in 4 days out of 25, many people have already donated over $1,000,000! With these funds, the team will create an upgraded game that will feature 20 more weeks with 60 more songs, new gameplay mechanics, more cutscenes, two-player mode, playable characters, polished visuals, better mod support, and many more!

“We should just kill you but what the hell, it’s been a boring day. Let’s see what you’ve got!” says Tankman before proceeding to rap battle the boyfriend. What happens next is up to you to discover! Play week seven on or download the game with only the first six weeks (13+).