Interact Food Drive


Image by Pixa Bay

Since 2010, Food For Life Ministry Inc. has made life for starving people so much easier and has changed many lives for the better! A donation or just a bit of your time is all it takes to help, by volunteering to distribute the food or even donating foods or money, you can help make a difference.

Interact will soon be hosting a drive for the Food for Life Food Bank here at MECA! From the 24th of March to 31st, a donation box will be in the front office. Keep it safe and make sure to follow all COVID safety guidelines!

Things like rice, beans, pasta, cereal, snack bars are some suggestions that are most in need
but anything in contribution would be amazing.

“The only rules are that the food must be non-perishable, non-expired, non-glass foods. Everything else is free to be donated,” adds president of interact, Adriana Sanabria

If you wanna donate with money just go to and donate today!

Want to Volunteer? go to, submit a small application form and they’ll get back at you on how to help. In need of food? Stop by distribution hours on Saturdays 9 am – 12 noon (*Identification is required).

We take it for granted but we don’t realize how many people are in actual need of food and how much it can negatively affect a person’s life, things like, family tensions, finding a job, kids can’t focus on school and problems can increase.

Take a bite out of hunger!