Marvel’s WandaVision


Image by Seng Lahpai

Wanda and Vision are married in the new show.


It’s the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it starts out with a new exciting twist: Marvel’s first MCU mini-series has launched and is named WandaVision. WandaVision takes place about three weeks after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Basically, after the events of Endgame everyone either got a good friend or their entire family back because they had been “blipped” for over 5 years, all except Wanda (aka Scarlet Witch). Her lover Vision was murdered by Thanos himself, and because of that, Vision never blipped so he was pronounced dead.

The series was very well written and is strange at the beginning. For the first two episodes you feel nothing is happening because nothing is really happening. It feels like a creepy 50s show and in the next episode it feels the same. As the episodes go on you start to get excited and that is when the story begins. Everything after that is very entertaining because of the characters and Vision exploring what happening. Every episode leaves you on a cliffhanger and you want to see what is coming in the next episode.

Later on through the series, you find out that someone created an alternate reality inside the real world where they take an entire town hostage and take control of their mind so that they react to what they want them to do, you could say they created a small town full of “normal” people. Not only that, Vision is alive and “well” and he too doesn’t know what’s happening.
Now this alternate reality is somewhat of a television show. The show starts off in the 50’s and she even acts like a person or actress from the 50’s, they even have the characteristic laugh track after a corny joke. As time goes on and more episodes are being released, so is the timeline. The first episode took place during the 50’s, and now the second one takes place during the 60’s and so on.

Since it is an alternate reality inside the real world, there are others outside trying to discover what is going on inside. They have found ways to talk to Wanda on the inside, but she doesn’t want to be disturbed. Wanda seems to be happy with her new life even though she knows the things she’s doing is wrong. Later throughout the show people find out that there is something wrong with the “town.”

Throughout the show there is always something strange going on with the people or everything in general. Sometimes there are voices, things that shouldn’t be there, people who shouldn’t be there. Anything can happen in the town of Westview, which is what the town is supposed to be called, but others say otherwise. The FBI later gets involved with the Hex (which was what the giant wall blocking the alternate reality was called) and tries to understand it and explore what it is and how to deal with it.

Later on, the Hex starts to get a little more complicated to handle and explore. For starters, people working on the Hex, such as some very high powered individuals, start to have different opinions about how to solve the problem. Sooner or later things start to get out of hand, but that doesn’t stop them from doing what they think is right. As more and more things happen, the story starts to take twists and turns, and many of them may shock you.

The entire series has already been released on Disney+ and most of the secrets have been revealed. We think that starting with MCU mini-series is a unique way to start the next phase and that it’ll be worth your time. But don’t just take our word for it, watch it yourself exclusively on Disney+ with over 9 episodes from 39 to 49 minutes long. Things start to get dicey with Wanda and Vision, the government to have problems with themselves, an old relative makes a return, or do they? And just to remind you, this isn’t just any sitcom, it’s the next phase into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.